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Impact Whelping Box

Posted by Bri Arnone on

Say goodbye to cracking plastic and unsanitary wood, The Impact Whelping Box is here to solve all your whelping box problems.

Its high-quality construction of light weight high grade aluminum allows stability and portability while powder coating ensures an easy sanitary clean up. A durable removable railing system is included to protect new born puppies from the harm of smothering. The door is low enough for the mother to come and go without rubbing her mammaries and still high enough to keep puppies from getting out.

The Impact Whelping Box is the ideal solution when it comes to keeping mom and her puppies in a safe and secure place. Unlike the traditional wood whelping box, high grade aluminum will not mold, or hold viruses, is more sanitary, non-porous, long lasting, and is easily broken down for fast storage. In comparison to a plastic whelping box our aluminum whelping box will not crack, and is built to last longer and have higher durability.

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