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The Hybrid Crate

The Alternative to the Wire Crate

It’s a scary thought crating your pup, whether it be for a couple minutes or a couple hours you want to make sure your dog will be safe, secure, and happy. For the longest time there have been very few alternatives to a traditional wire dog crate until now. Impact Dog Crates would like to present their brand new Hybrid Crate.

Why it’s Different

We took your traditional wire dog crate and completely reinvented it adding more durability, more safety, and more piece of mind to dog owners everywhere. Say goodbye to dangerous metal wires and say hello to aluminum crating engineered to keep a dog owners mind at ease, and a pup safe from harm.

Who it’s For

This crate was specifically designed for the simple pup. Designed to be used in your home this crate is engineered for the “Average Joe” dog. If your dog is known as a destroyer, suffers from high anxiety or storm phobia our high anxiety crates would be the best crates for you. If you are a frequent traveler and enjoy taking your best friend/adventure buddy with you our stationary line of crates is your best buy.

How does it compare?

A serious problem facing dog owners that use wire crates is their dogs getting stuck in them. This problem can turn deadly fast, and was our number one priority designing this crate. We introduced a diamond ventilation system perfectly sized to keep your pup safe, but maximize crate air flow and ventilation. The use of high quality aircraft grade aluminum adds durability and safety while keeping the crate light and easily moveable.

A side by side comparison

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