Airline Rails

$ 78.74

100% Lifetime Guarantee

Missing the Airline Rails for your Impact Dog Crate? It happens more often than you'd expect. Stationary and Collapsible Airline Rails come in all sizes and come as pair. 

Note: Airline Rails are replacement items only. Your Impact Dog Crate comes standard with Airline Rails. 

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Top Notch

Happy Anniversary to us! My husband and I bought two Impact crates for our 40th wedding anniversary! We have used them nearly every day since then. Such an awesome product. We look forward to using them for years to come. Fit for a champion! (2018 National Cattledog Champion!)

International shipment with issue

I am a international customer. I learned of the company by one of my clients. As I am a dog trainer for the US Army. I also went and inspected another crate that was bought by another customer and based off that decided to buy.

At first my crate seemed perfect, wrapped nicely no scraps and dings or bends. However, at assembly there was a problem. The side rail holes will not line up right. There was a overlap of the drilled holes on the right and the screws were to far to left.

We are currently working on the solution. I can say that as a international customer the company is recognising that the cost to ship makes this a huge investment for us and that the quality of the crate matters.

Great Customer Service

Impact recently sent me replacement Airline rails (and some touch up paint and a door guard) for a crate I bought in 2017. Very happy with them.

An example of stellar service

I left the airline rails in some dingy Utah motel room – these were for my Impact Dog Crate 400 Collapsible, and was keen to get replacements. When I gave the story, they knew who I was, the color of the crate, etc. before I even told them my name. Their CRM must be really good, and they know their customers and take good care of them.

THAT is the way to make a customer for life!


Thanks for the replacement parts of my broken crate !
You really take care of this as you say !
Thank you