Impact Dog Crates “Connect 2”

$ 31.49

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Impact Dog Crates  “Connect 2” 

Tired of bungee cords holding your Impact crates to one another?  For 29.99 you can purchase this brand new butterfly kit to easily secure your Impact Dog Crates together.  

This retro kit has been purposely engineered to fit any existing dog crate you have.  It comes with two butterfly latches, all hardware needed, a drill bit and guide to make sure this is a quick 5 minute job. 

Click Here For Instructions 

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Great accessory

Years ago I asked Impact to add this feature on to two crates that I purchased from them. It made getting two crates through the airport a lot easier. I'm glad to see they're offering it as an accessory now!!

5 minute job?????

OK, so I am not the most handy of humans. On the plus side, the written instructions for the install were wonderful. Sending the correct drill bit was great as well. The drilling template was spot-on, but could have used more than the masking tape to hold it in place. Slippage while drilling results in misaligned holes. The quality of the latches appears to be solid- though I have installed them, I have not yet field tested them at shows, with thresholds and extension cords to navigate. The enclosed wrench was not a good fit. Getting a grip on a nut inside the crate was a challenge; putting any pressure on the bolt to tighten it resulted in pushing the nut out of the wrench. A pair of needle-nosed pliers was far more useful to hold the nuts.So, 5 minute job- not at my house, but did get the job done without blood or breakage.