Grooming Arm/Rail and Pad For Collapsible Crates

$ 262.49

100% Lifetime Guarantee

State-of-the-art grooming arm folds into the airline rail for easy storing during transportation. Also comes with a comfortable rubber pad for your dog to stand on for grooming. Ideal solution for those who show their dogs. 

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Kristi Joned

Love it.

Good but with a design flaw makes it so that unfortunately it does not replace a grooming table.

I've been using the impact crate+grooming arm/pad+rails for almost 2 years now. Though I'd give the collapsible crate 10 stars if I could, I can't say the same for the grooming accessories. As much as I really wanted to like this and it can be practical for a last minute touch up or to not to need to carry one more thing, it's design is a bit awkward and can never replace a standard grooming table. I'm just an amateur and can only imagine how much more annoyed a professional groomer/handler would be. For reasons unbeknownst to me, whoever designed this, put the arm at the very edge of the table which makes no sense. When you buy a crate, you get something appropriate to the size of the dog you will be traveling with/keeping there. Assuming that, the tip of the nose and base of the tail will be a few inches from touching the edges of front door and back panels. When grooming the dog will be in place by the neck which is even more towards the center of the kennel making it difficult and a bit awkward to maintain the dog well balanced while grooming him. This probably wouldn't be too hard to fix if they moved the hole for the grooming arm about 6 inches towards the center instead of the edge or had a multi-angle rail bar like other grooming tables. Considering that the grooming attachments alone cost about twice the price of a standard grooming table, I figure it should at least be more functional.

Great for a person starting out

Was easy to assemble. The mat is nice and easy to brush the hair off of while giving good traction for the dogs. The mat was slightly tricky to align initially but was able to quickly reposition. Sealed great! It is a little tricky getting the arm on and off every time you want to use it. But getting the hang of it. I love the ease to adjust heights for different sized dogs. Used the same weekend I got it for my Bulldog and Rottweiler. Didn’t notice any excessive flexing of the arm while my dogs were on it. Even with my Rottweiler being a little froggie.

Not bad

I like that I can keep the rail with the crate easily, but it isn't as solid as a regular grooming arm. I also found it harder to attach to the crate than the standard rail. It would be nice if you didn't have to take on and off the rail to put up/take down the grooming arm.

not as sturdy as I would like

the grooming arm worked pretty well , hard to get in the right spot and not as sturdy as a regular arm on a table -I will use it some but won't throw away my old table and arm!