Impact Door Guard

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As the times change we must adapt. To continue to meet restrictions set forward by the IATA we have designed the Impact Door Guard.  You can attach the door guard easily with 6-12 Allen head screws depending on size of door guard, and rest easy knowing your Impact Dog crate meets all IATA requirements for air travel for your best friend. 

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Taken from the IATA crate requirements

“Ventilation is provided by an open end to the container (which can be the door) and by ventilation openings of a minimum of 2.5 cm (1 in) over the upper two thirds of the opposite end and the remaining two sides, at a distance of 10 cm (4 in) from center to center of each opening” 


“In the case of specially constructed large dog containers the open end must be covered by closely spaced metal bars or a double weld mesh with 1 cm (1/2 in) spacing between the meshes”

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Customer Reviews

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I wish I'd gotten these sooner!

I bought these for my Collapsible 700 and Stationary 600 to make them fully IATA compliant for our first transatlantic flight. I wish I'd gotten them before my Rottweiler gnawed at the paint on the bars of the 700 (I got touch-up paint from Impact to make it pretty again). Very easy to install and necessary tools are included.
Added bonus: Now I can attach things to the crate door and he can no longer reach the zip ties to snap them off.

Must have!

Never thought our dog would chew on the bars of his Impact Dog crate as we’ve never had an issue with him chewing on his previous crate, or really anything before. The door guard is the perfect addition to the crate and insures he can’t chew on the bars and hurt himself or damage the crate.

Solid product/Collapsing style

Overall I feel it's been a solid product. I traveled to Germany with it and was able to Collapse it for easier local transportation. I do feel that the support bars could improve on the design so that one doesn't have to crawl inside the kennel to secure them. I'll leave that to your design engineers and field testers.
One last thing, these are available through other brokers at half the cost but there seems to be no sizing consensus or accessories available outside of this institution.


I have an Alaskan Klee Kai she has broken out of every cage except this one this is the better purchased by far.


very nice feature