Collapsible & Light Weight

Uses Space grade aluminum


99% Recyclable

Ships fully assembled

Trusted by first responders

Owner Tested. Pet Approved

Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate


From $ 599.00

Crates engineered for every dog

Keeps you comfortably cool.

Enhance your pup’s crate with versatile accessories for traveling, comfort and security. From convenient Grooming Arm attachments to washable Crate Pads, airline compatible Door Guards to Crate Fans, explore all of our Impact accessories.

The perfect crate for every dog

Our dog crates and accessories easily adapt to your lifestyle, whether you're a dog show enthusiast, Police K9 handler, dog trainer or an all-around dog parent. Folding Grooming Arm attachments and Wheel Carts take the place of bulky dog grooming tables. Our durable Vinyl Pads and Impact Door Guards are custom fitted to each crate size and engineered to outlast tough chewers.

Impact crate fan “Great Fan- Awesome fan that has all metal parts. And moves a lot of air. So glad I purchased it.”

- Jeff Boudreau

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Frequently asked questions.

Whats the floor looks like?

(typically send pictures of the floor on the crate)

How do I clean?

Here is a link to clean your crate:

How to Tie down in a vehicle?

Most vehicles will have d-rings or hooks in their cargo area for securely fastening items. The most common way to secure the crate is using a tie-down or ratchet strap through the two handles on the top of the crate connecting to these tie down points in the vehicle.

Will it fit my vehicle?

In order to determine the best size and model of crate, we ask that you take the measurements of the length, width and height of the inside of your vehicle.

What size for my puppy?

Thats a great questions! If you let us know the breed of dog, we can do our best to determine the proper size.It can be very tough to determine the full-grown measurements because there are many variables to how large a puppy will become. We can help narrow down the size of these crates by asking a few questions, do you plan to fly with this crate? Use this to travel in your vehicle? Or do you mainly plan to use this crate at home?