Impact Hybrid Dog Crate

$ 419.99

Impact Hybrid Dog Crate

What do you get when you combine an Impact Stationary Crate and a wire dog crate? The Impact Hybrid Dog Crate.
The Hybrid is designed for in-home use. This lightweight aluminum crate provides a higher level of protection than any wire crate can offer and it’s safer. If your dog is free of anxiety, not an escape artist or crate destroyer, this is the perfect crate solution.

Impact Dog Crates offers other crate options. The Impact Stationary Dog Crate is the ideal crate choice for dog owners who are interested in a crate that is safer and stronger than a wire crate, this is the crate for you. For dogs with high anxiety, separation issues, storm phobia or are crate destroyers, we have the High Anxiety Crate. If you are short on space, the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate folds up quickly and can be easily stored.

The removable floor makes it a snap to clean up after those unexpected messes. The well placed open handles make it a breeze to move around your home. The open design allows for your reliable pet to see out into his environment. Because the crate is open there is an abundance of air movement.

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Best crate I have ever purchased.


I love this crate so much!! I recommend Impact Dog Crates to anyone and everyone. It is the ONLY dog crate that my dog hasn't ruined. I don't have enough amazing words for this!

Not UP to the Standards of Other Impact Crate Cages

Not a bad cage, just not as thoughtfully designed and constructed as their collapsible crate. The door is not flimsy, but it is significantly less durable than on the collapsible crate. I put two barrel bolt locks on the door to eliminate the excess flex that the door has. Unlike other Impact Crate cages, the corners of the cage have no protective caps on them. So, the metal bottom of the cage can scratch and scuff hard surface floors and the upper corners are more likely to put dings into anything the cage bumps into. The cage is expensive enough and basic enough in construction that I think that these two drawbacks could be easily addressed in order to bring this cage in line with the excellent quality of their other cages. I do also have a collapsible Impact Crate and love it.

Amazing design and extremely durable and comfortable for our puppy

We picked up this crate for our Australian Shepherd puppy at the suggestion of the woman we bought him from. It's been an awesome crate and he feels comfortable and secure in it while we're training him.

One of the things I like the most about it is that the holes in the crate are shaped and spaced in such a way that he cannot get his snout or arms through them.

I also like that the crate is two solid pieces that latch together. it feels sturdy and I'm not worried about it potentially collapsing on my puppy while he's inside of it.

I thought for the price point that it would come pre-assembled. Bolting the four walls to the roof was a job that took me a little over an hour to complete and had me sore by the end of it. The bolts are all coated with a Loctite compound of some sort so the Fasteners are a bit of a pain to get fully screwed in. I had to hold the rounded nut with a ratchet and then place the Allen wrench into the bolt and twist it like I was trying to break it.

my only other complaint is that based on the pictures the flat end of the bolt is supposed to point outside the crate and the rounded nuts Point into the crate. When you have an 8 or 9 week old puppy that is all about chewing things, they go towards those fasteners. I've been worried that he was going to chip his teeth so I reversed the bolts for all of the locations within reach of his mouth.

This crate is a true lifesaver for us (and our dog!)

Our puppy (a Weimaraner/Black Lab mix) is a very smart and strong dog- a dangerous combination. At six months old, she chewed through the bars of her wire frame crate to the point where her mouth was bleeding. She threw her body against the side of the crate until it tipped over on its side and she could jimmy the lock to escape. Putting her in a crate during the day was becoming a dangerous situation.

So, after A LOT of research, I landed on Impact Crates. We chose this crate because it was the least expensive option and because we didn't need it for transport and collapsing it wasn't necessary for us. We also increased her daily exercise with morning runs and visits to the park to chase tennis balls and frisbees. She also goes to doggy daycare a few times a week to help with mental stimulation. I believe the combination of the new crate and exercise routine has made her a completely different dog.

She is now eight months old (and 71 pounds) and willingly goes into the crate each morning and is exhibiting no destructive behavior.

I removed one star from my rating because assembly is very labor intensive and the crate does not feel secure with the included screws and nuts. Every part of the crate is held together by small screws and covered nuts, but they don't tighten completely, so the sides of the crate are still "loose". Everything is secure, but the screws occasionally fall out which is a choking hazard for a dog and it's very difficult to put them back in.