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Product Description Icons - High Anxiety

Lifetime Warranty

At Impact Dog Crates, we’re proud to offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner against defects in materials or workmanship. If something goes wrong, we'll repair or replace the necessary parts, and we'll cover the parts cost – you just handle the shipping.

Lifetime Dog Damage Guarantee

At Impact Dog Crates, we’re proud to offer a Lifetime Dog Damage Guarantee to the original owner against all damage caused to the crate by your dog. If your dog breaks it, we'll replace it. This warranty only applies to our High Anxiety crates and does not apply to our Collapsible or Stationary crates. It’s non-transferable and requires proof of purchase. For any questions or claims, just reach out to our customer support team.

Escape Proof

Crafted from 62% thicker aluminum alloy and secured with four extra butterfly latches plus a zinc-plated steel paddle latch, our crate offers unmatched strength and an escape-proof design that withstands even the most determined attempts, ensuring your pet's safety and your peace of mind.

Built to Last

Impact Crates are built to last. Our crates are durable, and are built to withstand the test of time.

Flexible Financing

We know investing in your dog can be challenging but thats why we offer many different options to secure your crate and to make pet parenting easy. Take a look at our financing page to find out who we work with, there are even more on our checkout page.

Free Exchanges

We strive to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase and for whatever reason if you purchase the wrong size or decide you want a different model, we offer free exchanges. Reach out to our Crate Experts and they'll be happy to help!