Impact's Crates VS. Gunner's Cages



Impact- Happier Owners & Carefree Dogs

There’s a reason we have over 4800 reviews from happy customers. Our crates are made with both owners & dogs in mind and are crafted to ensure the utmost comfort and ease for everyone.

Gunner - Not for Everyone

Gunner’s crates are not mindfully designed for dogs of all temperaments and owners with diverse lifestyles. They are there to get the job done rather than adapt to you and your dog’s needs.

Impact - Buy It For Life.

Our crates are durable, lightweight, and constructed with space grade materials built to last a lifetime. With financing options available, Impact Dog Crates are made accessible to every owner and their companion. We even offer a 10 year Dog Damage Warranty with the purchase of a High Anxiety Crate, in addition to our Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty.

Gunner - Comfortable Prices

Though Gunner’s pricing can be affordable to the average dog owner, their Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty reflects a lack of recognition for a dog’s unique needs in their lifetime. They offer a 5% Military discount compared to our significant 10% Military, Veterans, and First Responder's Discount.

Different Dogs, Different Needs

With three types of crates, you can choose what setup will be best for your lifestyle and dog’s needs. Whether they have high anxiety, storm phobia, travel often, or just need a safe space while you’re out, these crates are designed to safely house dogs of all types & personalities

One Crate Fits All

With just one kennel design, Gunner kennels are not designed with all dogs and lifestyles in mind. The Gunner kennel’s heavy duty double-walled plastic construction is also heavy to lift, making it an impractical option for some dog owners.

IMPACT - Size Options

Our wide range of crate sizes is designed to accommodate and comfortably house nearly every dog breed, including Great Danes. With up to 7 crate sizes available, we believe that one size does not fit all.

Gunner Size Options

Offers only 4 kennel sizes. The internal dimensions of Gunner's largest kennel size is equivalent to the dimensions of our smallest Stationary crate: the size 34-inch.

No Assembly Required

Our crates arrive at your door assembled & ready to use– no fussing over instructions. The collapsible crate can also be folded down in under a minute!

Shipped Unassembled

Gunner crates ship to you in parts and pieces, and the instructions can take some time to get it right!


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High Anxiety Crate
High Anxiety Crate

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Collapsible Dog Crate

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Stationary Dog Crate

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