Second Hand Program

About the Impact Second Hand Program

Impact Dog Crates takes great pride in the quality and manufacturing of our products, going above and beyond to put pet protection first. From time to time, a product can be cosmetically damaged during the shipping process. Damaged crates are offered to customers for purchase on a case-by-case basis as part of our Second Hand program. All second hand crates have been professionally inspected to ensure that they are fit for purchase and safe for your animal. Any cosmetic damages sustained to the crate do not impact the functionality or safety of the product.


During the product safety and quality assessment, our team assigns a percentage discount based on the level of cosmetic damage. Prior to purchase, our team will disclose photos and details on the condition of the product, including blemishes, scratches, and other relevant information.


Prior to purchase, our team will consult with you to determine which crate model and size is best suited for the safety and comfort of your dog. Knowing every dog has their own individual needs, our team of professionals will guide you on the choosing crate based on your dog's lifestyle, behavior, and temperament.


Detailed photos will be provided showing the condition of the crate. Any crate damage will be disclosed to the customer before purchase. 

Terms and Conditions


  • An additional cost will be applied to all direct deliveries to customers.
  • An additional cost will be applied if a customer asks for the crate to be sterilized.


  • After each dog crate has been inspected by a professional at Impact to ensure dog safety, the customer will then inspect the crate before any payment is accepted. Upon receipt of payment by Impact Dog Crates, no refunds will be accepted. After purchase, Impact Dog Crates is not liable for any damage to the crate or animal.
  • Second hand crates do not include the Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty or the Dog Damage Warranty provided for full-priced high anxiety crates.


  • All payments are final concluding the purchase of the crate.
  • All payments are due in full prior to taking delivery of the crate.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or terminate your order if payment is not in time or in full.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges on any second-hand crates.
  • Over-the-phone payments are final.
  • Over-the-phone payment confirms that the customer is aware and accepts crate condition.


  • Standard delivery method is picked up at the Impact facility in Hayden, Idaho.
  • Delivery will be considered for an additional fee on a case-by-case basis.
  • We require you to show up with a vehicle that supports the size of the crate. Any damage sustained when failing to do so will not be covered by Impact Dog Crates.
  • We require you to show up with the given instructions to properly secure the crate to ensure the safety of your vehicle and people around you. Failure to show up with these tools including ratchet straps, tie-downs or ropes to secure the crate. Impact Dog Crates is not liable for any damage to the crate or vehicle. 


 Interested in a second-hand Impact Dog Crate? Please contact our team here:


2160 W Miles Ave, Hayden, Idaho 83835


 Call or Text (208) 908-0118