High Anxiety Crate

$ 1,049.99

100% Lifetime Guarantee

Say hello to our new and improved High Anxiety Crate. Our famous protection for your pup with special needs is now even better. We have upgraded this nearly bombproof crate with even thicker aircraft grade aluminum. Our aluminum is American-made, strong, and durable while maintaining a very light weight. We added smaller air holes and placed the bars closer together to prevent chewing. This crate is welded and riveted to ensure strength and durability, allowing your pet to have the best protection possible. We also offer stackable blocks for like-sized crates, along with 4 butterfly latches and a paddle latch to provide even tighter security.

The High Anxiety Crate features Marine-grade hardware to provide the best safety quality available for your pet. Our aluminum body cools faster than plastic as well as reflects heat, which makes it perfect for keeping your dog cool in the hot summer months. All of these features allow you to trust that your animal is safe, secure, and comfortable at all times.This crate is made-to-order here in the USA in Rathdrum, Idaho, with flexible financing available for as little as 0% APR and $70/month, so you can get your pet into a safe crate as soon as possible. The High Anxiety crate is available through financing, Paypal, apple pay, credit, and debit cards. It is available in size 300, 400, 450, 500, 600, and 700, for small/medium sized dogs all the way up to extra large pups.

We are proud to offer a 2-year dog damage warranty on our High Anxiety Crate. We offer no questions asked free replacement during this time period, so this means that if your pup damages a part on the crate and it does not function correctly or is not safe, we will replace those parts for free. This crate is shipped assembled, so be sure to measure your doors to make sure your crate will fit.

The Impact High Anxiety Crate is ideal for dogs with separation anxiety, storm phobia, and/or tendencies toward destruction or escapism. Your dog’s safety and comfort is our number one priority. Our customer service team can answer any questions you may have about this crate or others. We truly believe that this crate is the smart choice for your special needs pups!

NOTES: For larger crates, measure door entryways before you purchase to ensure your new High Anxiety Crate will fit through doors.

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The Crate for an Uncrateable Dog

Our dog has a classic case of high anxiety- she has severe separation anxiety, as well as a strong fear of loud noises. She's a rescue that wasn't treated very well at the start of her life (it's likely her original owners tried to force her into being a hunting dog, which only aggrevated her issues). She has torn out the side of a plastic crate at the cost of a tooth (or two) and lots of blood. When we moved her to a metal wire crate, again, she bent the wires and pulled and yanked until it opened- costing her another tooth (or two), gum damage, and injuring her paws. We resorted to letting her roam inside while we're gone, but had to put everything out of reach- not only did she figure out how to open doors, but she also pulled drawers out of my kids play tables. I've replaced countless pairs of jeans, jackets, shoes, and anything else with zippers, plus she's helped weed out my kids' toys. She's been on multiple medications, which help a little, but not entirely. We've tried so many products- we thought this crate might work, but were hesitant because of the cost. When we bought an RV, though, we knew we needed to make the investment because we wanted to be able to take our dogs with us and not be stressed about them destroying it. (Fortunately, our RV was big enough that we could squeeze the high anxiety crate in). We started out by leaving the door to the crate open, and throwing treats into the crate. Then we fed her dinner in the crate. The first few times we left her alone and locked in the crate, we put a fan right up next to the side and ran a sound machine; we also put our other dog's bed right next to it, so she'd know her sister was close. As expected, there were new scratch marks on the door the first few times she was left alone (we also purchased the door guards). However, after the first two or three times, we haven't noticed any new scratches. She's excited to get out when she hears us come home, but she's quiet when she thinks we're go...

So far, so good

My American Bulldog is an escape artist who is storm-phobic. Not a good combination given that he is 90 lbs of solid muscle and has a never-quit attitude. Until the High Anxiety Crate, there has been no kennel he couldn't conquer. Nor any interior wood door, exterior steel overlay door, drywall, wood wall frame (you get the idea). Shipping was quicker than I expected and the kennel came with the added bonus of the additional door guards I purchased already installed. After his Boxer girlfriend Luna did recon on the kennel for him (she fears nothing), Bobo actually went inside and laid down in it. Call me shocked. He has since tried to get out of it, which I fully expected. The door and sides are scratched to hell, but he has not been able to budge it. And he will still go inside it without having to be coaxed. Hence, the review title of "So far, so good." My only complaint is that several of the screws used to install the door guards were not completely flush which could hurt Bobo's paws if he scraped across them. A hacksaw will fix that. All in all, I feel reassured that the thousand-dollar plus price tag was worth it.

Sawyer's Crate

Sawyer has been using his crate when we are out and we think thunderstorms are on the way. So far so good. He goes into the crate very willingly and has had no injuries. So far, so good.

Worth the wait and the money!

So happy to receive our high anxiety crate for our rescued American bulldog. The first day he destroyed the wire kennel we bought for him and scratched his face with the metal bars. The High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate we received gives us peace of mind that he will be safe and won't be able to hurt himself with broken pieces of metal. We feel like we are no longer hostage in our home as we are all able to leave for dinner or free to run errands and are not worried about what kind of damage our dog has done in our absence. The only damage our dog has managed to do to the crate is scratch a small portion of paint off on a couple pieces on the front bars but other than that the crate seems to be indestructible. I was on the fence as to which crate to purchase but after about 40min on the phone with their great staff Justin walked me through the best option for my Houdini escape artist. If the price is putting you off swallow your fear and purchase it anyway because you have probably spent more on cheap crates that you ended up throwing out or from damage that our fur babies have caused. I searched over and over throughout numerous sites on the internet only to return back to Impact Crates (I wish I had just ordered because it would have saved me a week of looking) . This crate will last longer than you or your dog's lifetime! JUST BUY IT!!

Strong crate

My pit has eaten my wall twice when there was thunder while i was at work. This crate has been the only thing that has been able to contain him. He has broken out of any area or crate i tried to keep him in causing damage to himself, & my house. The only damage this crate has taken is some of the powder coat has been scratched off which is to be expected. If you can afford it, i would heavily recommend this crate