Impact Hybrid Dog Crate

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Impact Hybrid Dog Crate

What do you get when you combine an Impact Stationary Crate and a wire dog crate? The Impact Hybrid Dog Crate.
The Hybrid is designed for in-home use. This lightweight aluminum crate provides a higher level of protection than any wire crate can offer and it’s safer. If your dog is free of anxiety, not an escape artist or crate destroyer, this is the perfect crate solution.

Impact Dog Crates offers other crate options. The Impact Stationary Dog Crate is the ideal crate choice for dog owners who are interested in a crate that is safer and stronger than a wire crate, this is the crate for you. For dogs with high anxiety, separation issues, storm phobia or are crate destroyers, we have the High Anxiety Crate. If you are short on space, the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate folds up quickly and can be easily stored.

The removable floor makes it a snap to clean up after those unexpected messes. The well placed open handles make it a breeze to move around your home. The open design allows for your reliable pet to see out into his environment. Because the crate is open there is an abundance of air movement.

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Almost a 5-star

Very nice and sturdy replacement for fold down crates. Missing part was quickly replaced. Would've preferred the latches that are on collapsible crates.

Almost perfect

So I will say that I love this crate, it is much stronger than a regular wire crate and there are no sharp wire ends for my boy to scrape his nose on, the holes in the sides are smaller as well which means he is less able to grab onto things outside the crate. Out of the box the metal sides seamed a little flimsy but once bolted together the finished product is quite sturdy. Set up is difficult and I did need the help of another person and while some tools are provided it was much easier when I went and got a real wrench from my tool box. The one thing I was unhappy with is that some of the edges/corners on the top of the crate arrived bent out of place and had I not have had the tools to bend them back it would have made it impossible to set it up and bolt together as a result of the damage. I know I could have probably called customer service and returned it for an undamaged one but needed the crate for the next day so opted to fix it myself instead. All in all I love the crate and my dog even loves the crate so I am happy, though would maybe recommend adding some extra padding for shipping.


Impact Hybrid Dog Crate

Highly Recommend

My almost 1 year old rescue (coon hound, maybe walker) is a tall, slender and lean gal, that one day decided she didnt want to be crated while we were away. She was HOUDINI, no joke. She broke bars on a regular crate, and managed to slide out the pan, and one day, the crate was standing upright. She was clever and determined. It was very stressful because she began to destroy things when she escaped, not to mention minor injuries (brush burns). For her safety and our sanity, I stumbled across High Impact Dog Crates. I did some research, read reviews, and searched Amazon for something comparable and less expensive. I didn't have much luck on Amazon, so I committed to the Hybrid Impact Dog Crate. To our amazement, this crate works. She has not escaped! Nor has she tore her bedding apart. We were shocked. This by far has been the best investment for us! I highly recommend!!!


Best crate I have ever purchased.