The Colossal 750

$ 1,889.99

100% Lifetime Guarantee

***Please allow six to eight weeks for shipment the 750 crates are built to order***


Here it is: the big one! Our largest crate is guaranteed to comfortably house even the most gargantuan of pups. You can choose between the collapsible or stationary versions, depending on your lifestyle and needs. The Collapsible style can be set up and taken down in seconds. It conveniently collapses to less than eight inches tall, making it perfect for storage. The Stationary style comes fully assembled, and is recommended for pets who tend to escape more often. This big ol’ dog crate comes in a variety of colors ranging from our classic tan and gray, to teal, lime green, and purple. Featuring our famous Impact crate qualities, this crate is the height of both style and function. You can also choose to add an additional rear door to your crate for some extra convenience.

The Impact Colossal dog crate is made from American made high-quality aluminum that is durable and strong while remaining 20% lighter than comparable sized crates. We use Marine-grade hardware and latches to provide optimal safety and security for you and your pet. The Colossal 750 features automatic latches and easy-carry handles for some added ease. Our aluminum body reflects heat away from your pet, keeping them cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. The aluminum is covered with a powder coated finish, adding durability and strength to every part of the crate. The entire crate is also resistant to corrosion along with typical dog-inflicted damage.

We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on your Colossal Impact Crate. Our goal is to provide your pet with the best possible protection, comfort, and safety – for life. All of our products are handmade with care right here in Rathdrum, Idaho.

Note: Be sure to measure your doorways before purchasing. The STATIONARY 750 Colossal ships assembled and may not fit through standard house doors.

Stationary Dimensions:

Inside Dimension: 35” Wide x 42” Tall x 48” Long 

Outside Dimensions: 37.5” Wide x 43” Tall x 48.5” Long 

Collapsible Dimensions:


Inside Dimension: 35” Wide x 41” Tall x 54” Long 

Outside Dimensions: 38” Wide x 42” Tall x 55” Long 


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Customer Reviews

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I bought this crate awhile back

Overall, I love this crate and recommend it to my clients with dogs with separation anxiety. My deerhound loves his crate and sleeps in it of his own choice. The only complaint is that I had a hard time setting it up the first time and the I could never get the side bars to work. I would love to send you a picture and any advice you could give about the sidebars

Could probably hold a tiger

I got the 750 Collapsible in grey for our very large male Dane. He was too tall to fit in the 700 without crouching, and just a bit too long to lay comfortably. Note the collapsible is much larger than the 750 stationary. I have it mounted in a Sprinter Van. This is a heavy crate- almost 3x what a 700 weighs (I have one of those too). That dashed my hopes of setting it up and taking it down routinely. Instead, it is semi-permanently secured via L-Track and cargo straps on a custom platform anchored to the cargo rings. In retrospect, I should have gotten the rear door option, as I prefer to access the crate from inside the van, meaning I cannot load from the rear of the van. For accident egress, with a single door, I chose to have it forward facing in case of the rear van doors being crumpled or otherwise inaccessible. Was vehicle searched one time coming on base, MWD officer did a double-take on seeing the crate, thought it might hold a tiger...