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The Best Dog Crate for Large Dog Breeds

Crate training offers many benefits for both dogs and their human counterparts. A secure crate provides dogs with a comforting, safe space where they can relax and de-stress. At the same time, dog owners have peace of mind knowing that their precious pups are well protected and staying out of trouble. That being said, it’s no wonder that many dog owners choose to crate their dogs, given that there are so many benefits of doing so.

However, before jumping into your crate training journey with your pup, there is a very important first step; selecting the right crate for your dog. After all, as we all know, every dog is different and has their own unique personality. Thus, every dog has different needs when it comes to finding the perfect crate to fit their lifestyle. Many owners of large dog breeds may have a more complicated experience when it comes to searching for their pup’s perfect crate. Large dog breeds tend to be much physically stronger than small dog breeds, and thus may require crates designed to withstand more force. So, not only do large dog owners need to search for a long-lasting, resilient crate, but they also need to ensure that the crate is large enough to accommodate a large dog breed. Fortunately, there are amazing crates that offer unparalleled protection for our furry friends- no matter their size, temperament, or breeds. 

Common Large Dog Breeds

  1. St. Bernard: Known for their beautiful markings, St. Bernards are large dogs that can weigh anywhere from 120 - 180 pounds when fully grown. Bred to be working dogs, this breed is infamous for its fierce power and loyalty. 
  2. Great Dane: One of the largest dog breeds out there, Great Danes are easily recognizable for their impressive height. Despite their intimidating size, these gentle giants are known for their calm nature. 
  3. German Shepherd: With their intelligence and loyalty, German Shepherds make both the perfect working dogs and family companions. As a medium-to-large dog breed, their size demands a sturdy crate that can withstand their strength and agility.
  4. Bernese Mountain Dog: These beautiful dogs are known as “gentle giants” for a reason. Despite their large build, Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the calmest large dog breeds out there- hence why they make great family companions. 
  5. Siberian Husky: Huskies are incredibly smart, beautiful dogs that are quite beloved for their loyalty and impressive vocal abilities (as every Husky owner knows). 
  6. Mastiff: Depending on the specific breed, Mastiffs can weigh anywhere from 100 to nearly 200 pounds in adulthood. Often trained to be working guard dogs, Mastiffs are one of the most common large dog breeds found in the United States. 

Why Large Dog Breeds Require Special Crates

Before crate training your pup, the most important step is selecting a crate that suit’s your dog’s lifestyle and needs. For example, if you regularly travel with your dog, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a travel-friendly crate that can easily collapse. On the other hand, if you have a destructive, anxious dog, selecting a crate designed for anxious pets may be the smartest option. Another factor to consider aside from your dog’s temperament is their size. Small dogs generally do not have a lot of physical strength, whereas large dog breeds obviously have much larger builds. That being said, larger dogs can easily exert more physical force that can effortlessly damage or destroy most flimsy crates. Thus, needless to say, large dog breeds generally have specific needs when it comes to dog crates. While many generic wire or plastic crates may be able to contain small dog breeds, they likely will not hold up for long against any larger dogs. 

Doing research to find the best dog crate for your large pup is of paramount importance. After all, as every dog owner knows, there is nothing more frustrating than coming home to an unexpected mess after your pup was easily able to bust their way out of a poorly constructed wire crate. Thus, choosing a crate built to last a lifetime for large breeds will invisibly save you a lot of frustration- and money- down the road. Whereas most flimsy wire or plastic crates won’t be effective at protecting large dogs, fortunately, there are options out there designed to keep large dogs safe and secure. 

Features to Look for in a Dog Crate for a Large Dog

1. Durability

Investing in a dog crate should be viewed as a lifetime decision, especially since there are so many benefits of crate training dogs. That being said, a crate must be durable enough to last a lifetime of daily use- whether you’re at home or on the go. It’s suggested that dog owners choose a heavy duty crate that is constructed to withstand daily wear-and-tear, unlike wire or plastic crates that tend to last only a few uses. 

2. Material

Inarguably one of the most important features to look for in a dog crate is the material it is built from. After all, this material is responsible for keeping your dog safe and secure, so it’s important that the material is up for the job. This is where typical crate materials- such as thin wire or flimsy plastic, won’t do the job. Instead, for the maximum safety and protection for your pup, choose a strong material that is proven to be resilient. For most dogs of any breeds, sizes, and temperaments, heavy-duty aluminum is by far the best material to choose for a crate. Not only is aluminum very resilient, but it offers unparalleled strength and durability that ensures your crate can last a lifetime of daily use. 

3. Security

When your pup is inside of a crate, their safety and security should be the top priority. One of the many reasons that so many dog owners choose to crate train their beloved canine companions is because doing so is one of the most effective ways to ensure their dog is out of harm’s way. Thus, dog owners should select a crate that is equipped with excellent security features with their dog’s safety in mind. For example, one of the most vulnerable points of a crate is the door. This is why it’s crucial to select a crate with a secure front latch. In fact, some crates are even equipped with butterfly latches to provide additional security. 

4. Portability

Ensuring the safety of your four-legged friend at home is vital, and the same goes for when you’re on the go. For dog owners who frequently travel with their dog, one specific feature to look for in a crate is its portability. If you are planning on regularly using the crate both at home and in a vehicle, it’s recommended that you invest in a Collapsible Dog Crate for maximum convenience. A collapsible crate is definitely the most convenient crate model, and it will take up very minimal space when it’s not in use. On the other hand, if you anticipate frequently moving your crate, a stationary model may not be the best choice. 

What is the Best Overall Crate for Large Dog Breeds?

As dog owners, we know that the safety of our beloved canine companions always comes first. This is why finding the perfect crate to keep our pups safe and secure is such an important decision. When it comes to large dog breeds in particular, they require a crate that is incredibly durable and secure to contain them. Fortunately, the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate, constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, is built to safeguard large dog breeds. Designed by a team of talented engineers, the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate ensures that your pup is receiving the maximum protection at all times- whether you are at home or on the go. Plus, it’s offered in 6 different sizes to accommodate dogs of all breeds and sizes, including X-Large dog breeds such as Great Danes. While many flimsy wire or plastic crates are simply not built to withstand large dog breeds, fortunately there are options such as the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate to ensure your dog is receiving the protection, comfort, and security they deserve.