Collapsible Dog Crate

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Say goodbye to dog crate storage woes, and say hello to the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate! This crate is made with high quality .063 American aluminum covered with a durable powder coat that adds extra strength and prevents corrosion. The powder coat also helps reflect heat away from your animal, keeping them cool on hot days. Our aluminum is tough enough for the heaviest chewers, and is also very lightweight in nature. In fact, our crates are 20% lighter than crates with similar designs. This crate easily collapses into less than eight inches tall, and can be set up or taken down in seconds.

We have updated this crate design to continue to match IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards for air travel. We have added stacking blocks for easy storage of like sized crates, as well as butterfly latches for tighter security. Handles on the top of the crate and on the sides make movement of this crate a breeze. The rails can be stored easily on top of the crate. Be sure to add the IATA COLLAPSIBLE BRACKET and DOOR GUARD to make your collapsible crate IATA compliant, if you plan to fly with your Impact Collapsible Dog Crate.

To assemble your Collapsible Dog Crate, simply undo the latches, lift up, undo both latches on the airline rails while making sure the tab is inside the dog crate, and latch both ends. Then, repeat on the other side. To collapse your crate, simply reverse these steps.

This crate is available in sizes small to xxx-large, and in a variety of colors including gray, tan, purple, blue, black, teal, white, and lime green. Simply contact our customer service team to request a custom color for an additional fee. You can also add an additional back door for even easier access. This fully customizable crate can be built to match exactly what you and your pup need. Please note that the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate is not recommended for pets with anxiety issues, destructive tendencies, or escape habits. For these special needs, we recommend considering our High Anxiety crate design.

It is not recommended to use a collapsible dog crate if your pet has any anxiety issues or is an escape artist. We recommend our High Anxiety for these special needs.

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Please note colors may vary in photos from actual color of product. Please note that 200 and 300 collapsible crates will have a single butterfly latch in the middle. 400, 450, and 700 collapsible crates will have two butterfly latches, as shown.

(Shown is a 400 collapsible)

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Safe & Secure

My 5 year old toy Aussie, spends the first 5 minutes raging after I leave the house before he settles down for the rest of the time I'm gone. He may be 15lbs, but he can do a surprising amount of damage to himself and the house in those five minutes. For the first year a wire crate was fine. Then the wire crate with strategically placed carabiners to lock it. Then he started gnawing on the bars and damaging his teeth - so no more wire crate. For another two years or so he was fine hanging out in the bathroom, until he discovered that his teeth were stronger than the bottom of the door. When I go out of town he has to stay at a cage-free boarding facility or with friends that can make sure he's never alone or don't care about their doors.
This crate is amazing. There's nothing his little jaw can grip onto so he doesn't even try to gnaw. I got the airline cover for the door because I was concerned about the bars (I will probably still end up putting it on because his little arms fit through the gaps), but the bars are nice and thick so he can't get ahold of them. I set up the crate in the living room and within a week he was choosing to spend time in there on his own. Now, he goes in there when he sees me packing up my work bag, before I even ask him to. I love that the crate folds up and is relatively lightweight with great handles - makes it much easier to travel with the dog or send him to stay with friends.
Yeah, aesthetically the crate is pretty intense, but honestly I kind of love it. It looks like the cages used to transport dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, perfect for the tiny T-Rex. The color options are great, too - we got it in Stormtrooper-style white so we can joke that he got captured by the Empire (his name is R2-D2).


Collapsible Dog Crate

Awesome crate! Even better customer service!

700 collapsible Top notch crate my Houdini is finally contained My 70lb czech working line german shepherd destroyed all other crates in minutes no exaggeration minutes. Even more impressive was the customer service mine had shipping damage and Tommy took care of everything asap very happy with how everything worked out.

Impact dog crate

The great is amazing. Everything you’d expect from the price.

We love our collapsible crates!

After a year with a collapsible crate, we loved it so much that it was a no brainer to get another for our second dog. There is much to be said about the peace of mind provided by a crate your dogs feel safe in and won't be tempted to claw or chew their way out of. We have so much gratitude for the vanquished anxiety and calm, relaxed dog who can chill in his crate while we are away from home. Thank you!