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How cold is too cold for your pup?
Temperatures still seem to keep dropping without a warm sun in sight! With these frigid temperatures comes an important question. How cold is too cold for your pup? This helpful chart comes from mypetzilla.co.uk and is a great starting point for...
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"Oh my gosh...Look over there... A new pup you have never met before... Wow they are so cute....Should I go and pet him? " These thoughts run through most people's minds as soon as they see those adorable puppy eyes,...
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Working Dog Wednesday- Anders, the Medical Alert Service Dog!
If you spotted this 2 1/2 year old Labrador swimming at the beach, you probably wouldn't guess that his job title is not a professional dog-fish. This handsome doggo is actually a full-time Medical Alert Service Dog who works alongside his sweet handler, Jenny. 
Anders' profession requires years of training to learn how to utilize his ability to sense a specific medical crisis before it happens, and before Anders' handler is aware that the crisis is imminent. Learn more about Anders' life on the job in this week's Working Dog Wednesday feature!
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