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What Causes Anxiety in Dogs?
Unfortunately, many dogs suffer from mental health conditions, including anxiety. Continue reading to learn more about the underlying causes of anxiety in dogs and the best ways to effectively treat your dog's anxiety.
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How Impact Dog Crates Helped my Alaskan Klee Kai
When HelloBARK co-founder Kieran first welcomed Alaskan Klee Kai to his home,
he was really unprepared for life with dogs who struggle with separation
anxiety. Learn how Impact Dog Crates made a positive difference in helping his dogs overcome their anxiety.
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The Origins of our Business
In 2012, Impact Dog Crates was founded with a mission to transform the future of pet protection. Continue reading to learn how our American-made dog company became the most trusted among dog owners worldwide for canine safety.
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A Guide to Treating Anxiety in Dogs
Many dogs suffer from mental health conditions, such as anxiety. So what can you do to help your anxious pup? Continue reading to learn about the most common signs of anxiety in dogs and the best ways to treat your dog's anxiety.  
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