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Working Dog Wednesday- Chief the Fire House Mascot and SAR Dog!

Working Dog Wednesday- Chief the Fire House Mascot and SAR Dog!

This week's Working Dog Wednesday story might be the most inspiring one yet! It's hard to imagine this smart, friendly Search and Rescue K9 was once a timid shelter dog, who had lost hope waiting for a forever family. Luckily, Melissa, a local fire fighter and dog lover, came to the rescue and brought this special puppy home with her. Now, Chief is training as a SAR dog, and is the official mascot for the Hamel Fire Department, where he gets to hangout with his mom all the time! This WDW story goes out to you Chief!

Working Dog Wednesday- Jack, the USAF Patrol K9!

Working Dog Wednesday- Jack, the USAF Patrol K9!

For Working Dog Wednesday this month, we are recognizing our country's dedicated working dogs and their handlers, who serve and have served our community. March 13th honors all of these incredible K9s who spend each day protecting America and defending our freedom.

This week, we are so excited to show off this team of best friends, who patrol the Air Force base together, train together, and eat bacon together. Not everyone gets to work side-by-side with their closest friend, but USAF Security Forces Officer Connor is one of the lucky ones. Meet Connor's awesome partner, K9 Jack!

Working Dog Wednesday- Rev, America's Patrol Dog!

Working Dog Wednesday- Rev, America's Patrol Dog!

K9 Rev and his team, BORTAC, are standing by as we speak, ready to deploy to possibly the most brutal terrain in America, where some of the Nation's most dangerous criminals have signed up for the worst hide-and-seek game of their lives. Rev is a hardcore Patrol Canine who is always eager to introduce himself to the bad guys! For this week's Working Dog Wednesday, we're featuring this tough maligator and his handler, who proudly protect and serve our country!
Working Dog Wednesday- Shade, the Explosives Detection Dog!

Working Dog Wednesday- Shade, the Explosives Detection Dog!

National K9 Veterans' Day is March 13th, honoring all military and working dogs for their service and sacrifice for our nation. This month, we are recognizing our country's dedicated service dogs and their handlers, who serve and have served our community!

For this week's special Working Dog Wednesday, we are featuring a handsome black lab named Shade, and his partner Chief Keith Hutcheson. Shade spent the first 2 years of his life in tough conditions overseas in Iraq, working 6 days a week as an Explosives Detection dog. Now, at 5 and a half years young, he spends his time responding to calls in North Idaho as well as relaxing at home. Meet Shade, the most kind, gentle pup who loves to use his nose to find more than just a slice of pizza!
Working Dog Wednesday- Jack Daniel the Boxer- Dog Actor and Agility Champ!

Working Dog Wednesday- Jack Daniel the Boxer- Dog Actor and Agility Champ!

If you were one of the 111 million Americans zoned into the Super Bowl this year, then you may already know this floppy-eared pup! Meet Jack Daniel, the multi-talented Boxer with incredible Agility skills, and happens to be Tom Brady's puppy! Well, that last part isn't entirely true, but Jack definitely stole the spotlight from the Patriots Quarterback, when they starred together in the recent Intel Super Bowl commercial.

He may not be an NFL superstar, but Jack Daniel has an impressive stack of awards himself, including a Master's Standard Silver at the American K9 Country, Preferred Agility Championship Title (PACH) Champion, a Qualifier for the 2016 American Kennel Club National Agility Championship, and has competed twice at the Westminster Kennel Club Agility Championships. Jack shines no matter where he is, and has a proud mom (and trainer) to share his story!


Jack Daniel recently placed 4th in Jumpers at the Westminster Kennel Club Agility Championships, Congrats! How did he learn to become so focused despite the distractions of large crowds? 

We ran at Westminster last year and the crowds were our undoing. I went away from it knowing what we needed to work on. It became my job as a trainer to make him feel comfortable in large crowds. I am very proud we met our goal. I rewarded him with high-value food for relaxed behavior in crowds.

Which activity does Jack love most?

Our favorite activity is playing tug with his Frisbee, shaping new tricks as a team, and napping on the couch together.


What is Jack Daniel's most impressive trick? I'm sure there are a lot of them! 

His most impressive trick might be being able to stay very still and calm for long periods of time... or maybe finding lost keys or objects. He loves tracking.

How did you get involved with Dog Acting in commercials and soap operas? How long has he been acting?

I posted a lot of our shaping and training videos online and an agent, who was a friend of a friend, saw them and wanted to know if we would be interested in commercial work. We have been working a little over a year. Our first commercial was a Super Bowl Ad last year as well! For Vince Camuto shoes, a high-end shoe company.

What is it like seeing your pup on TV, especially in a Super Bowl Ad? 

I don't really follow football so I had to read up on Tom Brady before going to the shoot. Even then I think I did not know what a big celebrity he was. It was not until afterward the realization came to me. He was a very nice guy and a dog person so that's all that mattered.

I try hard to be as professional as possible on set and get the job done. I only ask of Jack what he feels comfortable doing. It's work that is tons of fun! You get paid to play with your dog! Jack seems to never get tired of it or shut down. Always willing to work at the next challenge because I keep it fun! That's my job as his trainer, to find a way to make things work for him. Make it "ok,” and proof the environment or situation, I like that challenge. It's my job because I have the bigger brain (haha). Jack trusts me 100% and I can never compromise that.

Cheer them on this March at the AKC National Agility Championship in Perry, GA! Oh, and keep an eye out for Jack on TV! We love seeing everything Jack Daniel is up to on his Instagram page: @jack_daniel_boxer and Facebook: JackDanielBoxer! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions for our Working Dog Wednesday story, we really appreciate it! Best of luck to you two at Nationals! Go Boxers! 

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- The Impact Dog Crates Crew