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Better Think Twice- Foods your pup should NEVER eat

Better Think Twice- Foods your pup should NEVER eat

Whats your dog’s favorite snack?

We are all guilty of it. Handing over our pup a table scrap, or my dog’s favorite a coveted piece of banana. Although there are many human foods dogs can enjoy no problem, there are also some that can be very harmful and even deadly to your pooch.

Here is a list of common foods you should NEVER let your dog consume:

Xylitol- this artificial sweetener is commonly found in candy and gum. This can lead to your pup’s blood sugar dropping and liver failure.

Avocado- avocados contain Persin which in large quantities can become poisonous to your pup.

Onions & Garlic- can kill your pup’s red blood cells causing anemia.

Grapes & Raisons- can cause kidney failure.

Milk & other Dairy Products- can cause digestive problems.

Macadamia Nuts- even in very small quantities macadamia nuts can cause muscle shakes, vomiting, high temperatures, and weakness in the back legs of your pup.

Chocolate- containing theobromine, chocolate is extremely toxic to your pup and can cause heart problems, tremors, seizers, and even death.

Fat Trimmings & Bones- both cooked and uncooked can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Bones can splinter and cause cuts in your dogs digestive system.

Salt or Salty Foods- too much salt can lead to sodium ion poisoning for your pup.

Before feeding your pup a special treat make sure to ALWAYS double check if the food is safe for your pup. Although the more common foods are listed above there are still many more foods not listed that can cause illness in your pup. Always use the rule when in doubt check it out. It can save your pup’s life.




  • Bri Arnone
How is your dog Sleeping? - Benefits of an Orthopedic Dog Bed

How is your dog Sleeping? - Benefits of an Orthopedic Dog Bed

Did you know that the average dog spends 12 to 14 hours sleeping per day? That’s half of your pup’s life dreaming about dog treats & belly scratches.

Dogs are very similar to humans in the way of which with age they become more prone to arthritis and other aliments such as:

            ▪           Other joint problems

            ▪           Hip dysplasia

            ▪           Generalized muscle loss associated with old age

            ▪           Dogs that have had orthopedic or neurological surgeries 

            ▪           Bone injuries (fractures, luxations, etc.)

            ▪           Soft tissue injuries (tendons, ligaments, etc.)


Not only do Orthopedic Dog Beds provide comfort by taking away painful pressure points that can flare up the aliments listed above, but they act as a preventive measure to help prevent painful diseases that could lead to costly vet bills.

Us as humans take every possible precaution to ensure we get a proper good nights sleep because we know the effect that sleep has on the body. As a pet owner its your responsible to ensure your dog gets the same.

Impact Dog Crates offers the highest quality Orthopedic Dog Beds for all sizes of dogs. Besides being Soft and durable, the Orthopedic Impact Crate Pad is made with rugged upholstery fabric and antimicrobial fast dry outdoor furniture foam. The cover zips off for easy cleaning. The unique open cell foam allows for simple cleaning with your garden hose. This US made, limited edition crate pads fit perfectly into your 200, 400 and 450 Stationary and Collapsible Impact Dog Crate. Check them out here!











Car Safety Isn’t Just for People Anymore

Car Safety Isn’t Just for People Anymore

Take a moment to think about the last time you drove around with your dog in the car. Did you have your dog restrained, or were you constantly reaching back to pet them, messing with the windows, or even allowing your dog to sit on your lap? An overwhelming 84% of dog owners drive with their pets unrestrained. Regardless of how short the ride is, you’re not just putting your unsecured pets at risk, but you’re also endangering yourself and other drivers. If you’re allowing your dog to roam freely in the car, it may be time to reconsider how you travel with your dog.

Distracted Driving
Sure, we all have our own innocent reasons for giving our dogs some freedom in the car. Maybe you just want your pups to enjoy the ride by letting them stick their heads out the window to feel the breeze, or you may feel bad if they’re not sitting next to you in the front seat. Well, guess what? A jaw-dropping 60% of dog owners admit to distracted driving caused by unrestrained dogs in the car.

Looking away for just two seconds doubles your risk of being involved in an accident, which is one of the frightening realities of driving. Years of comprehensive research have proven that child restraints in vehicles are effective in saving lives, resulting in strongly enforced child safety belt laws. The same reasons for child restraints are interchangeable for your beloved dog child’s safety.

Whether it’s a Chihuahua or a 160-pound Great Dane, anything unrestrained will become a projectile with a force up to 40 times its weight. According to a study by AAA, “even for smaller pets traveling at just 30 miles per hour, an unrestrained 10 pound dog will exert 300 pounds of pressure in an accident,” which is potentially a lethal blow for both passenger and pet. Presently, there are several reliable forms of pet restraints, including pet harnesses, safety belts, vehicle pet barriers and aluminum dog crates.

A Real Life Situation
Our Impact Dog Crates team is grateful for the fact that dog owners all over the world can trust in our crates for durability, and have peace-of-mind knowing their dogs are safe, especially while traveling. Not long ago, we received a product testimonial from an owner of an Impact Dog Crate. He described a terrifying situation, which put into perspective how important a hard-sided dog crate, or any pet restraint for that matter, can be in a collision. Here is his heartfelt testimonial:

“Hello I just wanted to write you guys and first off thank you for your great crates! My wife was driving and was T-boned at approximately 50-60 mph while she was crossing an intersection. Our lab was in the crate in the back of the truck, straps were ripped and he and the crate were thrown and tumbled approximately 40-50 feet. To make a long story short, if not for having your crate, the vet said our dog would not have survived the crash. The crate absorbed a lot of the impact and saved our dog’s life… Yes, Chase has some injuries, but very minor considering the carnage of the crate and the crash.”

We take pride in the safety of our aluminum Impact Dog Crates and grateful that our product ultimately saved this dog’s life.

You Decide
In the end, are you really doing your dogs a favor by giving them a little freedom in the car? Maybe it's time to reevaluate your laid-back approach to traveling with your pet. Regardless of the restraint style you choose for your beloved dogs, be sure it is used properly and crash safety approved. Securing your dogs can saves their lives, and your own.


(Allianz website Keeping pets safe in the car)




By: Jaimie Meredith

Working Dog Wednesday- Junie, the Diabetes Alert Dog!

Working Dog Wednesday- Junie, the Diabetes Alert Dog!

Meet Junie the Diabetic Alert Dog!

Working Dog Wednesday- Zoe aka Honey Badger, the Avalanche SAR dog!

Working Dog Wednesday- Zoe aka Honey Badger, the Avalanche SAR dog!

As with other animals of this energetic group, such as wolverines and badgers, Zoe Honey Badgers are notorious for their strength, ferocity and toughness. They have been known to savagely and fearlessly attack almost any kind of avalanche, honey badger don't care. This specific breed of honey badger is native to Revelstoke Mountain in B.C., Canada, and uses it's adorable looks to lure in humans. This honey badger also kind of looks like a dog...

Meet Zoe aka The Honey Badger, this week's fierce little Working Dog Wednesday K9! She may be small and cute, but she has a big job as an Avalanche Search and Rescue Dog. 

Working Dog Wednesday- Chief the Fire House Mascot and SAR Dog!

Working Dog Wednesday- Chief the Fire House Mascot and SAR Dog!

This week's Working Dog Wednesday story might be the most inspiring one yet! It's hard to imagine this smart, friendly Search and Rescue K9 was once a timid shelter dog, who had lost hope waiting for a forever family. Luckily, Melissa, a local fire fighter and dog lover, came to the rescue and brought this special puppy home with her. Now, Chief is training as a SAR dog, and is the official mascot for the Hamel Fire Department, where he gets to hangout with his mom all the time! This WDW story goes out to you Chief!