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Providing Safety and Protection

“With our first Impact crate I’ve had it for years, I still have it to this day. I actually had that crate in my car 2 years ago when I got in an accident that totaled my vehicle, but the crate was perfectly fine and so was the dog that was inside it.”

Kieshia, customer since 2013

Insuring Your Investment For Life

“I go to a lot of dog shows and I am a professional groomer so I needed something that I knew I was putting an investment into that would last me a long time.”

Randi, customer since 2017


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My dog has HUGE separation anxiety issues. Which we are working on. He has tried to get out of this crate by digging, biting, and scratching. So far it's holding up!

Safe and Secure!! Thank you for sending us your review.

I love the high anxiety crate I got for my dog! She hasn't chewed, broke, or dug out of it, fingers tightly still crossed. the best so far!

Thank you for your business and review.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service was so helpful in deciding which crate was the best for our dog! They wanted to make sure we got exactly what we needed in the most convenient and safe way for our dog!

Thank you for your kind words. We are always happy to help. We appreciate your feedback.

Amazing product

You get what you pay for, best product is worth the price

Thank you for such a great photo!! We appreciate your feedback.

2 crates and accessories

Couldn't be happier with the quality of the product! They fit perfectly in my car. This makes 4 Impact crates for me.

Thank you for your continued business. We appreciate you taking the time to send us your review.

OHANA'S Traveling oasis...

Great material, smooth operation of latches, interior is very roomy, stable.

Thank you for your review.

High Anxiety Door Guard

Thank you for your review.

Well Built

We are extremely happy with the quality of our new collapsible impact kennel!

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Piece of mind

My dog ripped out of everything I tried. She has tried to escape the high anxiety crate. She has left a large amount of scratches but has not been able to get out. I can have the piece of mind that my dog will no longer destroy my house or injure herself escaping another kennel.

Safe and Secure!! Thank you for sending us your feedback.

Dog Crate

This is a great product.
It is light and durable.
There is plenty of room for my canine partner and he doesn’t mind being in there.
The padded mat is worth having as an added measure of comfort.

Thank you for business and feedback. He looks so at home in his new crate.

husky owner

we have the collapsable 40" wide and tall crate, it is amazing. our husky (1 of 3) can not escape it. he breaks out of regular wire cages as if they were made of paper and glue, the IMPACT crate holds him just fine. so ease to break down and set up (a bit heavy but the crate is huge) such a nice crate, highly recommend it for any dog. we just ordered a second collapsible crate for one of our other huskies.

Thank you again for such a great review. We truly appreciate you taking the time to send us your review.

Nice addition

They are nice that they fit perfectly and we just add a another blanket or bed inside.

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Amazing crates!

Great quality!

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7 stars out of 5!!! Awesome crate!

Our dog destroyed every other crate in a few days. He would have blood in his face from peeling back bars. He hasn’t hurt himself once with this crate and has been unable to damage the crate (other than the teeth marks on the inside of the door! It is made so that he can’t get a good hold on any part of it so he can’t destroy it!

Thank you for your business and review. We truly appreciate your feedback.

Works as advertised

No complaints, works as advertised

Thank you for your review.

The only crate that works

I have a husky/Akita mix with severe separation anxiety and would always break out of the wore crates. He would also scale and jump any exercise pen or dog gate. Finally after we got our impact collapsible crate, we've had peace of mind knowing he is safely contained until we get back home.

Peace of Mind is priceless. We appreciate you sending us your feedback.

We love it !

It s perfect

Thank you for your review and business. It looks great in your truck!!

So glad!

So glad I bought this pad! Exactly what I needed for my GSD for comfort and to keep the crate “quiet “.

Thank you for your review.

High Anxiety Crate

I love it and more importantly Cody loves it!

Cody loves his new crate!! SUCCESS!! Thank you for business and review.

Stationary Dog Crate

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Love it

Thank you for your feedback.

High Anxiety Dog

Our dog cannot be left alone, he has extreme separation anxiety. Leaving him in the house alone he destroyed blinds and cut himself leaving blood all over the house. We put him in his original kennel and he broke out, injuring himself and destroying things. This kennel, he feels safe and we know for sure he cannot escape. We also have the peace of mind knowing he can’t break out or hurt himself (so far)and finally feel comfortable to leave the house without him. Highly recommend this kennel, it’s very expensive but if your dog is like mine it’s worth it.

Thank you for sending us your feedback. So great to hear he is adapting to his new home so well.

Great quality crate

Great crate well worth the money and it calms my dog greatly

Thank you for your business and review.

Great Quality

Very Pleased with the Stationary Crate that I ordered. Item is well made and I feel confident knowing that my Pitbull can't breakout while I'm not home. LOVE IT! Thank you Impact Crate for a well made crate.

Thank you for your review and business.

My 2 Boston Terriers Love It !!!

Crate is the one I have been looking for. Lightweight but tough. I had 2 doors customized to my need and went well. Did I mention that customer service is awesome?

Thank you for your kind words and business.

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