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Providing Safety and Protection

“With our first Impact crate I’ve had it for years, I still have it to this day. I actually had that crate in my car 2 years ago when I got in an accident that totaled my vehicle, but the crate was perfectly fine and so was the dog that was inside it.”

Kieshia, customer since 2013

Insuring Your Investment For Life

“I go to a lot of dog shows and I am a professional groomer so I needed something that I knew I was putting an investment into that would last me a long time.”

Randi, customer since 2017


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Stationary Dog Crate
Awesome Crate

I love this crate! I bought the 42” size for my Cane Corso’s. It will mainly be used for transporting my dogs. So many great features and very well made. The better pad that came with it is also awesome! Thank you Impact Crates!

Sandra, we're happy to hear that you're loving your Cane Corsos' new crates and pads!

Great communication

Love Impact Crates customer service. I had an issue with my crate not completely fitting in the wheel tray. Customer Service resolved the issue with no hassle! My Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is in the 30” Aqua collapsible crate. It is wonderful!!!

We appreciate your feedback, Laura!

High Anxiety Crate
Margaret Gill
Belgian Malinois 34” high anxiety crate

Best crate ever my mal loves it and so do I he would escape every crate but not this one it keeps him safe in the truck as well as in the house he also loves to sit on top of it stand and lay on it

Thank you for sharing your photos, Margaret! We're happy to hear that your malinois loves his crate.

Impact Door Guard
Kira Aitken

Impact Door Guard

High Anxiety Crate
Stuart Totz
High anxiety crate just in case.

I just brought home a Giant Schnauzer puppy and this will be the first large dog I have owned. I was nervous he would be very anxious and destructive. I did not want to risk him injuring himself or destroying the house. I read so many stories of larger dogs hurting themselves escaping crates. So I decided even though this is a very expensive crate and that I may or may not need it, this would be much cheaper in the long run versus a vet bill or a new couch if he destroyed it.

I have to say that the 48” crate is a monster. It was delivered on a pallet via a freight carrier. My wife says it looks like it was made for Tiger king.

If you have the room and want a very well built crate this is it. I only wish they had the puppy dividers available. I would say I would buy another but this will last forever.

Stuart, that is a great idea to be on the prepared side for your puppy's security and safety. We appreciate your review!

High Anxiety Door Guard
Sarah Schoener

Absolutely amazing and worth every penny. My dog used to destroy everything, and even chewed his way out of a custom built kennel. His anxiety is also so severe, he jumped off the roof in order to escape: when this crate arrived it was life changing. It’s built very sturdy and also has a lot of room for my 75 lbs German shepherd.

It sounds like your German Shepherd is a determined escape-artist! We're glad to hear that your dog has a secure crate to keep him safe now.

High Anxiety Crate
Kristine Krolczyk
Love this crate

We received our high anxiety crate and we love it for our behavioral rescue that we pulled and have been working with for months now. I just wish it had a feed hole to thread the lead through on days he isn't too excited about going in the crate. Other than that, a great product. Especially when working with dogs with behavioral issues ans phobias from fireworks and storms.

Thank you for your feedback, Kristine!

High Anxiety Crate
Jan Vasquez
Outstanding customer service!

Response was amazing! You are truly dedicated to the dogs you serve! The new high anxiety crate arrived yesterday. Primrose is happy, I am happy, and the larger crate (donated per your request) was picked up by New Mexico Bull Terrier Rescue and they are happy to have such a large sturdy high anxiety crate! Thank you Stephanie!

Thank you Jan for your kind review and for donating your other crate!

Stationary Dog Crate
KELLY Austin
I want 17 more!!!

I have been doing dog rescue for over a decade and training reactive and aggressive dogs for over 3 years now and I wish I could use nothing else but impact crates. I will keep saving and buying more because these are hands down the best crates I've ever come across! 10 out of 10 recommend

Kelly, we're happy to hear that you like our crates for your rescues! Thank you for your business.

High Anxiety Crate
Madi Wahlen

My 5 year old rescue pup was an anxious mess when I adopted him 2 years ago. He absolutely could not be kenneled because he would break teeth and hurt himself trying to escape, so I didn’t have a choice but not to kennel him. After being home during COVID, when I finally went back to work, Mac started to get into all kinds of trouble at home and I was worried he was going to seriously hurt himself. This kennel is worth every penny- I can finally leave him home with absolute peace of mind that he will be safe, and he doesn’t even mind it! He whined a bit and scratched at the door when we first got it, but then I think he realized that it was no use and that he was safe and since then, he goes in without a peep and seems very relaxed. Can’t express enough how much relief this kennel has brought us!

Madi, thank you for sharing your story! We're so glad to hear that your rescue pup can relax in his crate.

Collapsible Dog Crate
Great quality crate! And I’m not nervous

My puppy despises the crate and panics while inside. I was so nervous with previous crates that he was going to hurt himself. And he managed to chew off paint and get aluminum on his teeth in his last crate! This crate doesn’t make me worry and even though Nanook is not good in the crate I can have piece of mind that he won’t hurt himself.

Thank you for your review, Molly! We're glad to hear that you can have peace of mind knowing Nanook is safe.

Collapsible Dog Crate
Charles Painter
The Best

This provides a safe environment for our bull terrier, who was prone to trying to escape a regular crate. This has become her safe place, and I like the durable and jail break proof construction. It's expensive, but well worth the investment in the long term. It reduces the escape propensity, it reduces the risk of injury to the pet, which was a big one for us.

We appreciate your review, Charles. Thank you for recommending our crates!

Collapsible Dog Crate
Dana Friedman
40” collapsible crate

Perfect. Lab-mix puppy, brand new to the house, he’s 20# now but will grow into it, he loves it as his safe space, interior is safe for him even if he were to want to try and scratch out of it, he learned quick that is futile and simply calmed down and relaxed, as he was and is trained to do so. Hilariously expensive, but there really is no in-between in the crate world. Expect to have this thing forever.

We appreciate your review, Dana!

Collapsible Dog Crate
Diane Sembower
I brought the 40x40 crate for my Lab.

I brought the 40 x 40 crate for my 100lb Lab and it fits perfect .It strong and fits perfect for her to stand, lay down or turn around. She leaves for England in Sept and I think she will love it.

We're glad to hear that your Lab fits well in her new crate, Diane! Thank you for your review.

High Anxiety Crate
Charles Cooke
Built well

We have a 4 yr old GSP and purchased the Large crate to give her a little more room. We don’t keep our dog kenneled and she isn’t an indoor dog. We’ve only kenneled her when we’ve been out of town for a hunt. This crate is large enough the it would give the dog plenty of space in a hotel room or in the bed of a truck. It’s the most sturdy kennel I’ve seen. Our dog scaled our 6’ fence about 10 times over the last week while we were out of town and one of our neighbors ended of catching her and keeping her with them. They used her impact crate in the home for the last few days ans loved it. They also said our dog did really well in the crate for not being in one accept for 3 times a year. We purchased the high anxiety crate only because her energy level is through the roof and I was hope it would make her feel safe and secure. It seems like it did the trick. The pad has lasted which says a lot. She’s torn up just about any pad we’ve thrown at her, even the ones that are supposed to last a year guaranteed haven’t lasted lol. Thanks for the help and the great product.

Thank you for sharing your story, Charles! We're happy to hear that your GSP feels comfortable in his crate and that the crate pad has been working well.

Stationary Dog Crate
Kylie Nielsen
Just what I needed!

I have a year old husky who can break out of a standard wire dog crate. I was worried I wouldn’t find something that he wouldn’t escape or hurt himself attempting to escape from. While this crate is more than I wanted to spend, it was worth the cost because I can leave him at home knowing he’s secure and safe.

Thank you for your review and photo, Kylie! We're happy to hear that you can have some peace of mind now that your husky is in a safe crate.

Miracle crate

We have a 60lb xoloitzcuintle that developed separation anxiety out of no where. 10 years old and started eating our shower curtains and getting himself trapped in the bathroom when we went out. Only a matter of time before he hurt himself or started eating the furniture. I riveted a few butterfly latches from impact's website to the door just to make it safer and more secure. It is a tank now! Our dog loves this thing. He tested it the first couple of times we left him. But, after that he goes in on his own and it calms him completely down. He uses it as his bed now even when we're home. Love this crate!

Thank you so much for the review! We are so happy to hear that your dog loves our crate, and that is all we can possibly ask for. Thank you for your business and we are happy for you to be apart of the Impact family!

I use it in my dog daycare facility for anxious dogs. Works great. We have a small Kuranda bed In it. For my application it would be nice to have a drain tray of some sort

Thank you for your feedback and review, John!

High Anxiety Crate
Dylan Crane
High anxiety crate 34inch for pure breed pit bull

This crate is amazing, the price tag seems steep but it is well worth the money and they have great financing options, my pure breed pit bull is a bit on the smaller side for a pit but she fits amazing in her size 34inch which was recommended to us by a staff member.

We're glad to hear that your pit fits well in her new crate. Thank you for your review, Dylan!

High Anxiety Crate
Justin Yamaguchi
Totally worth it

We bought the biggest high anxiety crate for our dog and it is like a safe! Keeps her protected from harming herself and from getting out! Definitely worth it! There is just one downfall, no color options, which isn’t a big deal but would have loved a red crate. Regardless worth every penny!

Justin, thank you for your review!

Stationary Dog Crate

Worth the money, worth the wait

The good: Since I started using the crate,I have noticed a decrease in my Weim's separation anxiety. Noticeably more calm when I get home from work, and no more destroying crate pads. He often sits in the crate and just relaxes during the days when we are all home.

The only bad point: the shipping process was a disaster. Supply shortages, delay in processing my order, delay in the transport to the shipping facility, and shipping delay. With all that said, it was about a month to actually get the crate. The upside, however, was that customer service was prompt, polite, professional, and truly showed how much they valued their customers.

Would highly recommend this product. Major thanks to the customer service team!

- Marcus and Diesel (2yo Weim)

We appreciate your patience during these delays and we're grateful you gave us an opportunity to help. Thank you for your feedback, Marcus!

High Anxiety Crate
Kaitlyn McGinn
My dog is finally SAFE

We purchased the high anxiety crate for our 7 year old border collie who has slowly developed extreme storm and firework phobias over the last 3 years. She has ripped through and escaped a wire crate and almost broke teeth on a plastic one so we had to resort to letting her stay in a bedroom when we would leave. If it started to rain or someone let off a firework she would panic and destroy the door and trim by biting and scratching it all while barking/screaming. It was horrible to watch on camera as we raced home. We tried different medications and they work well when we are home but it doesn't work when you need to leave all day and they wear off in a few hours. This crate has been LIFE CHANGING for us. I no longer worry about leaving her alone. She is safe and LOVES going into her kennel/safe space. Sure she has scratched at the door during storms now and then but as soon as she realizes that the kennel has no wiggle/give she gives up and calms down. The best part is that she can not bite through the holes/bars and hurt herself and her teeth. I am a professional dog trainer and this is truly the best purchase I have ever made. I never wanted to spend this much money on a kennel but it is 10000x worth it! I no longer feel bad leaving my pup alone. I no longer have to cancel plans because of storms. I can kennel her with knowing that she will not hurt herself while I am away. If you have an escape artist, sound phobia, or separation anxiety dog then this is the kennel for you! Their customer service is also amazing and I truly appreciate they give non-profit workers a discount along with first responders and military.

Kaitlyn, we appreciate you sharing your experience before and after using your High Anxiety crate. We're glad to hear that you finally have peace of mind knowing your border collie is safe while you're away, and that she feels calm in her crate. Thank you for your review!


First, he doesn’t complain about it 😂 assuming it’s 5 stars comfort.

But first bed/pad he hasn’t tried to pull up and eat. Fits perfectly on the bottom of the crate.

That's great feedback! Thank you for your review, Melissa.

Stationary Dog Crate
Anthony Buendo
A true dog fortress

My dog has tried everything she could do and a 135 lbs mastiff puppy still could do zero damage to this stationary crate...excellent job!!!

We appreciate your review, Anthony!

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