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Providing Safety and Protection

“With our first Impact crate I’ve had it for years, I still have it to this day. I actually had that crate in my car 2 years ago when I got in an accident that totaled my vehicle, but the crate was perfectly fine and so was the dog that was inside it.”

Kieshia, customer since 2013

Insuring Your Investment For Life

“I go to a lot of dog shows and I am a professional groomer so I needed something that I knew I was putting an investment into that would last me a long time.”

Randi, customer since 2017


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Great purchase

Our dutchie loves it. With the new crate he became calmer and we have no more issue of getting him inside. Looking forward to use it during out vacation.

So great to hear he loves it!! Thank you for sending us your review.

So awesome

I was so excited for our impact arrival a box coming out and the delivery man with the dolly kind of made me nervous thinking oh my goodness this things going to be huge I am 5 foot 2 inches 130 lbs there are three steps down and three steps up to get into our house I lifted up the box by myself I think unpacking the Collapsible dog crate out of the shipping box was crazy great packaging.
I looked at the directions was so easy popped it up put it on the rollers while trying to keep three full grown boerboels out of it They all love it thanks for a great product 🙏🏻🤘🏻

Thank you for such a great review. We appreciate your feed back. SO excited for you to have one of our crates!!

Collapsible Dog Crate

Thank you for your review

The bowls are super sturdy and good quality!

We appreciate your feedback!

Interior mat

The vinyl mat is extremely nice and fits the kennel well. It’s also very easy to clean. Unfortunately I have a pup with separation anxiety and a big chewer so she decided to destroy it. So now she will just be on the bottom of the crate itself 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thank you for your review.

Soft and durable

Puppy loves it. Washes up nice and durable.

Thank you for your feedback.


So far I'm very happy with it no one's escaped did move it around a little bit with jumping but other than that it's held up very well so I'm very pleased

Safe and Secure!! Thank you for your review.

Easy purchase easy setup

Was so easy to get advice on what I needed for my growing 5 month old malinois/ German Shepard mix. Every question I asked was quickly answered! Also I was going out of town when I first ordered and they were able to schedule when the crate would actually ship to make sure I was there to receive it! I would 100% recommend to anyone who wants the peace of mind that their dog is safe and secure.

We truly appreciate your kind words. Safe and Secure is our goal!! Thank you for sending us your review.

Solid Pad

Great base pad for my Impact crate— sturdy and easily cleaned. Very well made. It provides the basic support my dog needs and I can toss an extra bed/blanket on top of it for added warmth in the winter. It fits quite snugly into the bottom of the crate, so it would be difficult for a dog to pull it up to chew on it.

Thank you for taking the time to send us your feed back.

Perfect for our Puppy

My husband just got his second Search and Rescue dog as a nine week old puppy. I knew he’d been wanting one of these crates for years with his first SAR dog. I started to do research and felt pretty sure I’d figure out the size she’ll need as an adult and ordered it for him for Christmas. Turns out that by 11 weeks old, she’d figured out how to open her other wire crate and let herself out in the car. So, as soon as the crate arrived, he got his present early and he’s thrilled with it for her! It’s a little big for her now, but that’s okay. She seems to really love it, too, because she knows she’s going to training when she gets in that crate in the truck.

Thank you for such cute photos!! We truly appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback. Ziva looks like she loves her new home.

The perfect thing...

…For those of us who are not ready for a padded room but know that their dog is safe and comfortable.

Thank you for your review.

Works well keeping the bowl in place, don't have to search for it any longer.

Thank you for your feedback.

The pads money can buy

I cannot say enough good things about these pads. They last a long time and are easy to clean. My dogs absolutely love them.

Thank you for sending us your feedback.

Vinyl Dog pad

Awesome product. My dog has major anxiety and when she's anxious she drools... a ton. The pad has allowed for easy clean up and its wonderful that it fits easily even when it's collapsed!

Thank you for your review. We love to hear how our products have helped!

40 x 40 collapsible crate

As a veterinarian, this crate is/was amazing. Unfortunately, I did have to return it due to reasons unrelated to the crate. The collapsible crate is made with quality, nice, sturdy, and I would imagine indestructible. It was easy to deconstruct and construct (a bit loud during the process), but once together was quite quiet. The crate was a the perfect fit for my (sadly now gone) 78 lb Belgian mallinois. He fit nicely inside and on top. I will likely order again depending on our when we get our dog. As a plus, I tried to contact the company to offer some sort of payment for the gifted bowl and the crate mat which were included as free gifts. The company was so kind to deny charging me anything for them despite not keeping the crate. They really did not have to do that. Great company, great service. I highly recommend. Shipping was timely, the crate arrived within 11 days, so allow a minimum 10-14 days for arrival. However, I ordered during the height of the holiday, some bad weather and pandemic postal delays. Return was easy despite the size and done through UPS for a nominal fee considering the size and weight.

Thank you Jen. You were a pleasure to work with. We appreciate you taking the time to send us your review. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Absolutely Fantastic Crate

I love this crate and so does my Belgian Malinois. We bought it to transport her in the vehicle, but she loves it, so it is now in our living room. She naps and sleeps overnight in it. It is spacious, well made and sturdy. We opted for the purple color and am very pleases. Thank you for an awesome product.

So great to hear she loves her new home so much. Thank you for sending us your feedback.

First purchase

Love the product. Did take a little bit of time to receive it but I under6it was during the holidays. One thing to be aware ir comes on a separate truck not a normal ups/FedEx but the delivery company is also great. Gentleman called me 30mins to arriving and asked where should be place it since it was a large package. The durability of the cage is great for my dogs (malinois and gsd).

Thank you for such a thorough review. We truly appreciate the feed back and kind words. We love seeing the pups in their new homes.

Great product

I can finally leave the house without having to worry about my dog breaking/eating/tearing apart the house/items or hurting himself.

Safe and Secure!!!! Thank you for your business and review.

Excellent crates!

The crates we purchased have exceeded the expectations we had for them. They are well built & quality crates!

Thank you for your kind words and business.

Vinyl Pad

Loved the pad, fits tight!

Thank you for your review.

Front and side door options - the best!

Absolutely love how both crates worked out in our new ‘20 Sprinter 144’ Crew! Spacious & perfect for our show GSP’s too. Having them assembled already was awesome too and shipment was solidly packed - thank you so much!!!

We truly appreciate your feedback and the picture. We love to hear about the love for our crates!!

Vinyl Pads a nice addition!

So glad to have these with the crates, so thank you for including as a special when we ordered! They keep the bottom much cleaner and/or easier to tidy up, plus provide extra cushioning.

Thank you for your review and business.


Love my new crates, dogs will travel safely now!

They look so good in your car!! Thank you for the picture. We appreciate your feedback and business.

So glad I got this!

In a way, I feel like our crate would not be complete without the wheels. Of course our intention is to be at doing shows, so they are necessary. PERFECT fit.

Thank you for your feedback.We love to hear how our accessories bring it all together.

Awesome Crate

This is my third Impact crate having bought two of them two years ago. Very durable and the dogs love them.

Thank you for your continued business. We truly appreciate your feedback.

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