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Providing Safety and Protection

“With our first Impact crate I’ve had it for years, I still have it to this day. I actually had that crate in my car 2 years ago when I got in an accident that totaled my vehicle, but the crate was perfectly fine and so was the dog that was inside it.”

Kieshia, customer since 2013

Ensuring Your Investment For Life

“I go to a lot of dog shows and I am a professional groomer so I needed something that I knew I was putting an investment into that would last me a long time.”

Randi, customer since 2017


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Amazing Crate and Customer Service

We have used our collapsible crate on 6 international flights. It has performed flawlessly. Since it can fold down its take up much less space then a traditional crate. We have been able to store it in numerous small apartments overseas and not gone through the hassle of buying/selling a larger crate for each move.

On a recent flight the bottom plastic corner/foot broke off. The airline was unwilling to help but Impact stood by their product and got us a replacement part. Solid custom service, thank you!!

Thank you for the great review and we are always happy to help out our customers!

Collapsible Dog Crate
Gilbert Ramirez

Collapsible Dog Crate

Spared us from a broken heart

We bought this crate for our adult son who had just adopted a three year old mastiff - mix breed dog from the animal shelter. She is as sweet and docile as can be, UNLESS, my son leaves her at home alone. Then she is a terror and no cage we tried could keep her safely contained. She destroyed so many cages ,dog beds and household items in her separation anxiety tantrums. We feared my son would have to take the dog back to the shelter and knew that would break his heart. Then, I found the Impact Dog Crate website and took a chance that the High Anxiety Crate could save us much grief. It has been such a relief and a complete answer to our prayers. She cannot get out no matter how hard she tries and yet, she happily goes in the crate on her own to just spend time or get a toy when my son is home, so she obviously is not traumatized by the crate! When we counted up all the things she destroyed, the cost of the crate did not seem so high. Also, the crate (42 inch High Anxiety Crate) is much lighter to move around than we anticipated, which is a real plus. I have never written a review of any product before, but this crate deserved a positive review and then some.

Thank you for your great review and we are so happy to be your first review! Thank you for your support!

Worth. EVERY. Penny!

We ordered the 40x40 high-anxiety, and the pad, for our 55lb Gracie who is our best Houdini dog as a golden retriever x red heeler. Ordering and delivery was perfection. Gracie loves her safe place. Prior to getting the Impact crate, she escaped every crate we put her in, including when we tried ratchet straps. Her escapes were safety issues in house. We have no problems now, and the peace of mind is worth every penny spent on this. We no longer worry the next vet trip from chewed and swallowed house items, medicines, over eating bags and bags of foods, tearing up window seals, doors, carpets. This is a life saver, and best of all, she is happy and eager to go to her safe place. The other 3 dogs are definitely jealous! We intend to buy more.

We are so happy to hear the high anxiety has been a great fit for your dog and the process of getting the crate was a breeze!
Thank you!

High Anxiety Crate
Lauren Doubrava
German Shepard Proof

Kennel is amazing. Gives Ruger less anxiety while I’m gone, and gives me less anxiety that he isn’t going to destroy another kennel and my house. Definitely recommend getting a kennel from Impact Dog Crates.

Thank you for the support and review!

Stationary Dog Crate
Robbie McConnell
Stationary Crate

This cage is amazing. I have a 10 month old lab and he is crazy lol. Already went through 3 cages from him breaking out of them until I got this. He can not get out of it !!! He’s calm down a lot more also. Highly recommend this crate

Thank you for the review! We are glad the crate is working wonders!

Impact Door Guard
stephen feilinger
Great customer service

Great product, very durable. I ordered a wrong accessory and the customer service was excellent. This is the first crate our dog hasn't been able to damage.

Thank you for your your great review on our product and on our support team!

High Anxiety Crate
Curtis Burkhart
Finally Won!

I have an 8 y/o, 62 lb. Husky that has outsmarted and/or outlasted every kennel/containment set up I have ever put him in, until now. This 40” Impact High Anxiety crate is impervious to his tricks. I can finally leave the house without fear of a new repair project awaiting my return. Worth every penny.

Thank you for the great review! We are so happy to hear that you feel confident leaving home using our product!

Vinyl Pad
Lisa Nichols

Very nice, firm enough to walk on, but comfortable to lay on. Belgian malinois loves his new kennel and mat.

Thank you for the great review!

Collapsible Dog Crate
Karen Waugaman
Love it

We got the 48 inch collapsable crate for our German Shepard. We love the crate. Excellent workmanship and its a lifetime crate just like they say.

Thank you for the support!

High Anxiety Crate
Regina Graves

High Anxiety Door Guard

Collapsible Dog Crate
Autumn English
Great crate!

Been working like a charm and couldn’t imagine living without it.

Thank you for your support!

Stationary Dog Crate
Necole Mitchell
Love it!

Love the crates

Aluminum Dog Bowl Stand
Tiffany Thompson-damm
amazing and durable!!!

We absolutely love our bowl! Durable and easy to clean

Stationary Dog Crate
Delena Carpenter
Stationary 40"

Impact exceeded my expectations with this order. This is my 2nd crate purchase. Even though purchased near Christmas, it came super fast and was perfect. Thank you!!

We are glad the crate exceeded your expectations!

High Anxiety Crate
Chase Wilson


Collapsible Dog Crate
Christie Kelly
Great crates

I love these crates. I train dogs and am constantly having to reconfigure my training room to accommodate the various dog sizes. These crates are great for that because they are easy to put up and down, sturdy, reliable, and in the rare occasion something does go wrong, customer service is always helpful.

Wheels are a MUST have!

The wheel cart is is MUST in my opinion, especially if you have a larger size (40” tall & wide is ours), but even if I had a small I’d get this. I like moving a scooting the dog crates and beds around to clean or even if I want them sleeping in another room. But the GREAT thing about this is the CLEARANCE is now high enough that our robot vacuum will clean under it! The areas around the beds always get really dirty and I’ve personally found it much easier to keep everything clean if I have RAISED beds (& now raised CRATE!). We also have tile floors but it would be same with wood floors where dirt and debris tend to slip and slide until it finds an edge (like a dog bed or crate on the ground). Then if you have to move it you end up getting tiny bits of sand along edges and bottoms that can otherwise scratch wood and just sound terrible on tile whenever a normal crate is slid over to a slightly different position). I’m not sure if for the smaller crates the wheels would lift it high enough for a robot vacuum for sure, but at least you could easily move it with the wheels! To me, this is much more important than the “airline travel” factor, which we will probably never do but cleaning happens multiple times a week so this makes my housekeeping life a lot easier with this feature.

Thank you for the great review and we are glad you love our wheel cart!

Vinyl Pad
Heidi Henningson
Just what I wanted!

I purchased a 40’ length Impact crate for my male Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is a big boy and this crate is perfect! I was worried it might be too small but is in fact larger then the 500 crate he has been use to. I love the slam door lock and the ability to also lock the door with keys. The mat in the bottom is well worth the money! This boy can pull up and destroy any mat prior to this mat! It is still in perfect shape after a 10 hour car ride. I couldn’t not be happier! Ready to order another one!

Collapsible Dog Crate
Rene'a Bracken
Grey Collapsible crate 40" regular

I have a 2021 Trail 4Runner and I luv how simple and manageable this crate is to set up and place in the back of my 4Runner. My dog is a Sable 78lb German Shepard. He adjusted well to the crate. Durable, would recommend this crate over any otrher!!!!

We are glad our crate is a great fit for your car! Thank you for the review!

High Anxiety Crate
Evan Speight
Impact Crate For the Win!!!

Our Choc Lab went through 2 wire crates and 2 plastic (travel) crates and was injuring himself trying to escape while alone in the house while the home was at work and school. The High Anxiety crate has settled his nerves and creates a much more secure environment which was needed… Thank you Impact Crates

That is great to hear that the High Anxiety crate is working wonders for you!

High Anxiety Crate
Cecelia Williams
Happy dog.

Bought a 30" high anxiety crate for a male Cardigan Welsh Corgi. He was chewing his way through a variety of crates. He has sufficient room to stretch out or curl up crosswise and seems to be satisfied with his new apartment. It is a little larger than needed but not overly so. It is noisy when does he does his spinning turns. Generally satisfied with the quality. Considering additional purchase of two collapsible crates in the future. Wish 30" were still available.

Collapsible Dog Crate
George Pessell
Initial Review, 40" Tall/Wide Collapsible

Great customer service, rapid shipment; rec'd 5 days after order placement. 2 yr old German Shepherd had destroyed three crates prior. No problems to date, other than her tearing up the included crate pad (not necessarily unexpected). Be aware of somewhat sharp edges at the corner of the door. Solved by adding a small piece of electrical tape.

Thank you for your review and we are glad that you got your crate in such a speedy fashion!

Stationary Dog Crate
Tyson Billingsley
Impact Crate enhanced my dog partnership!

Thx for the amazing 40” reg stationary crate, its perfect for my 80lb German Shepherd. now I can take my dog anywhere with me and even leave him with family and know he will be safe and so will their rugs. Its the best peace of mind I could have. Changed my life completely. My dog is very high anxiety but this crate calms him down and provides me with the ability to have a life without worry for him. Its perfect size for my suv and is rigid but quiet, never makes a squeak. I hardly know its there. Its also lightweight and easy to transfer around as needed. 10/10 recommended!

Thank you for the review! We are glad that the crate has helped you out and that it is so easy to transport!

High Anxiety Crate
Cheryl Russell
This Crate Works

I purchased the 40" crate for my pitbull mix who is 62 lbs. He is deaf and suffers with separation anxiety which is common for deaf dogs. He has destroyed wire crates, including anything I put in the crate to pacify him, and is destructive if I put him in a room when I leave. I was concerned about his safety so I decided to try this crate. After slowly acclimating him with high value treats, he now can be in the impact crate without an issue. He doesn't destroy his bed that is in the crate with him and he sees this as his "safe" space and will just go to sleep when I leave. I have not needed to use the door guards which is a plus but is nice to have just in case. This crate exceeded my expectations and now I don't need to worry about my pup when I need to leave for a few hours. It truly does help dogs with high anxiety. Absolutely worth the price.

We are glad that the crate is working wonders for you!

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