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Providing Safety and Protection

“With our first Impact crate I’ve had it for years, I still have it to this day. I actually had that crate in my car 2 years ago when I got in an accident that totaled my vehicle, but the crate was perfectly fine and so was the dog that was inside it.”

Kieshia, customer since 2013

Insuring Your Investment For Life

“I go to a lot of dog shows and I am a professional groomer so I needed something that I knew I was putting an investment into that would last me a long time.”

Randi, customer since 2017


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High Anxiety Door Guard

High Anxiety Crate
Kaitlynn Lauterbach

This is the first cage our Anatolian Pyrenees has not been able to escape from! He has plenty of room in it. Very pleased with this cage! Would definitely recommend it for anyone who has a hyper dog and loves to try and escape their cage.

Kaitlynn, thank you for recommending the High Anxiety crate for escape-artist pups. Your dog finally has a safe crate that he can't outsmart!

High Anxiety Crate
Katrina Glant

This is was the best decision I could of made for him he still freaks out but not as bad in a regular kennel he starting to feel more at ease. Tha k you agaij

Katrina, we're happy to hear your dog is feeling more comfortable in his new crate!

Vinyl Pad
Harley Gonzalez
Great and strong

The pad works wonders. My GSD tends to chew up beds but he hasn't with this one. It doesn’t slip and slide in the crate either while driving, It’s a perfect fit! The pad is also SUPER EASY to clean! I highly recommend buying it!

Harley, thank you for recommending our Vinyl Pad!

Collapsible Dog Crate
John Habermehl
Impact collapsible dog crate

My Mal loves this crate and so do I. It is very well built and it’s a joy to use. The latches and hinges make it simple to open and close. A++

We're happy to hear that your Collapsible crate has been so easy to fold and assemble! Thank you for your review, John.

High Anxiety Crate
Jessica Jurgensen

High Anxiety Crate

Just Do It

My 7 year old rescue husky pit who spent the first two years of his life feral. Ive poured my heart and soul into rehabbing this dog. 5 years later and his only issue is he hates when I leave him alone. Well it took 4 months for this moment, He just went into his crate to sleep for the first time!! The inside of the crate looks like it held a wild animal from where he has tried and failed to escape. Thank heavens for the gate guard. He’s destroyed everything i’ve put in there( including the mat that came with it lol). I kept trying to put beds in there, He always shredded them, frustrated I just left the last shredded bed remnants in there and discovered he liked making himself nests. To have him now see this kennel as a safe place makes me so happy! I’ve been so grateful to be able to leave the house and know he’s safe,but having him finally love it to makes it that much better(: Thank you Impact Crates!!(:

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Emily! It sounds like you and your pup have been through a lot to get him to this successful point in his crate experience. We're so glad he's feeling comfortable in this crate and that you finally have peace of mind!

Collapsible Dog Crate
Brian Barrett
Crate/Pad Reveiw

Impact dog crates are absolutely the very best! We have two Dutch Shepard’s. Now with that said, the pad had zero chance on survival. However, for as long as it did last it was very nice. I’m sure most dogs will be able to maintain it a little better. I know one thing, we will never stray from impact dog crates. 40X40 was our selection for both dogs each and it’s a perfect fit!

Thank you for your review and feedback, Brian!


The best

I recently purchased the high anxiety crate. My dog can’t escape from it, but I was afraid, he would break his teeth. The door guard is great! The dog doesn’t even try to get out.

We appreciate your review!

Oh yeah...

I have a 60 lb Belgian Mal/German Shepherd (3-4 yrs) who has separation anxiety. I started with a Gunner "intermediate" size kennel which is an amazing piece of kit. She's not a big dog but seemed to be cramped in the Gunner and couldn't turn around comfortably. Bad on me - they have an exchange policy, but it took some time to get her used to the kennel and figure out it was too small. Both the Gunner "large" and the Impact 40" (wide & tall) are the same price, but the Impact 40" is significantly larger. She has plenty of room now and is still not getting out.
Two problems:
1) We didn't notice this with the plastic Gunner floor but the Impact aluminum floor "sands" her pads down when she tries to dig out (which she'll never be able to do). One plus though, there were something on the Gunner door which split two of her claws (even with their metal door kit). All the edges on the Impact floor are "smooth" and she isn't cutting anything - even without the Impact door guard accessory.
2) She DESTROYED the bonus floor pad that came with it. Bummer - it was a really nice pad as a bonus, but we left it in there by accident one day and poof...
She is beginning to get used to the Impact crate and it is everything they claim. I'm confident she'll settle down over the long term and now I'm more comfortable leaving her in the crate - which helps my separation anxiety!

Smitty, thank you for your thorough review and comparison. We're glad to hear your dog is safe and comfortable in her new crate!

High Anxiety Crate
William McCarthy
So far, so great

Our boxer/pit rescue OBVIOUSLY had never been crated. He broke out if his wire crate twice. We found your crate and it and anxiety meds are the only way we can crate outdog. It’s well made and it’s now part of our living room.

We appreciate your review, William!


I love this crate for my 65lbs Husky. I love knowing he is safe and can’t hurt himself in it. Best quality crate you can buy!

Thank you for your review, Ariel!

Vinyl Pad
David Long
Superior dog Crate

After a long workout pad gives a dog cushion and comfort superior quality

Thank you for your review, David!

High Anxiety Crate
Kourtney Saxton

I can finally leave home without my dog and not be so anxious that he will destroy something or hurt himself. He has some severe separation anxiety and I had a job that I could take him with me. I got a new job and was so worried about what he was going to do but now he enjoys his crate (I think) and I do not worry if he is ok in there because I know he can’t hurt himself.

We're happy to hear that your pup has a safe crate to relax in while you're away. Thank you for your review, Kourtney!

High Anxiety Crate
Nathalie McClintock
Worth it

I have a sweet pit that we rescued but little did we know he has SEVERE storm anxiety and he has caused thousands of dollars in damage to our home and himself. We have tried everything…multiple different medications, therapy, thunder jackets, CBD oil, other crates, etc. you name it..we have tried it but every summer hear in Florida it was a constant struggle with him and the damage he would cause. This crate was our last resort and it was worth it it 100%. We have been using the crate now for a couple months and it is a life saver…literally. He is safe, our home is safe, and my husband and I no longer feel stressed about how to manage him. If you are hesitate to spend this kind of money but want to keep your dog and home safe…just buy it. You won’t regret it.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Nathalie! We're happy to hear that you and your pup finally have peace of mind during storms.

Only crate I'd buy

This is my second Impact crate--they fit my dogs well. I purchased a crate of another kind when we first got our breed of choice and had to assemble it-- I do love that crate as it has a grooming pad on it with arm and it works for his anxiety. I switched to Impact with our girls and this is a better option for them. Just a bit smaller and airplane rails. They are also stackable for traveling. The other crate has wheels which work better in a show venue-- we are leaning to getting a trolly for the Impacts so we can take two crates to a show.

We appreciate your review, Sharon. We're happy to hear that you're liking your crates!

High Anxiety Crate
George Wildberger
Excellent Traveling Crate!

This is my second HA crate. I got the 36" for my smaller (45lbs) female Malinois. She's eaten her way out of every plastic crate she's ever been, but this one beat her. She hit the door a couple of times and when it didn't move, she just laid down. She has another one of these - a 40" (not exactly portable) - at home for when I have to leave the house, so she knows these things don't budge. I got the roller cart for this one to use for tournaments, so I can pile all my stuff on it and make just one trip! I LOVE these crates!

Thank you for your continued business, George! It sounds like you get a lot of use out of your crates.

Stationary Dog Crate
Eli Koransky
As Expected

Meticulous attention to detail when engineering this crate along with the quality of the manufacturing/QC/Fulfillment process makes me pleased with the investment made into my dog's crate. I'm incredibly satisfied with everything about it. Highly recommended. BTW, I bought the 40 for my Belgian's perfect.

We appreciate your review, Eli. We're so glad that you're happy with your investment in a safe crate!

Impact Pooper Scooper
Mike Branigan
Super pooper scooper

Incredibly well made and we need the best. We serve more than 22,000 dogs annually and yes, that is a lot of poop!

Holy ****! You've definitely put our pooper scooper to the test. Thank you for your review, Mike!

Stationary Dog Crate
Tracey Merrett
security PLUS

Just received my crates for my sweet maltese - I love the crates - they love the crates - and they give me such peace of mind.

High Anxiety Crate
Destini Adams
Husky Escape Artist

I bought this kennel for my adult husky. he had broken out of every other kennel i ever bought him and was destructive. this kennel was a saving grace for us. the high anxiety kennel actually helped him be more calm and relaxed in his kennel and even when he does have separation anxiety, he has no chance of escaping anymore and can’t hurt himself or my home. the peace of mind alone was worth the money. we’re both much happier now. i only wish i’d bought it sooner!! worth the price ♥️🙏🏼

Destini, thank you for your review. We're glad to hear he's more relaxed and much safer in this crate!

High Anxiety Crate
Catherine Retzer
Love it!

My dog is a boxer and has really bad anxiety when I would leave the house and every other kennel I would get he would destroy within days but this kennel has been amazing! It’s not even a problem when I tell him to “go to bed” when I’m leaving the house he goes in it willingly and I don’t have to force him so I know he’s happy with it! It was definitely worth money and it was money well spent highly recommend it!!

Thank you for recommending the High Anxiety crate, Catherine! We're happy to hear that your boxer has been calm and comfortable in his new crate.

Absolutely the best crate!

I have a huge Great Pyrenees/Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute/German Shepherd mix. He is 9 months old and already weighs 110 pounds. He has severe separation anxiety. He completely demolished two wire crates and hurt himself in the process. In the Impact crate, he knows he cannot escape so it has really calmed him down. He now walks into his crate without a struggle and settles down. When we come home, he doesn’t even bark. Just spend the money and get this one. We went through two moderately priced crates before we bit the bullet and purchased the Impact.

Adorable puppy! It's great to hear that feels much calmer in this crate and that you can have peace of mind.

High Anxiety Crate
Lorraine Garcia
Awesome crate!

Is the only thing that has been able to contain my dog. I should have bought this first. Don't be cheap and waste your money on other crates. I know it was very expensive but the peace of mind is worth it.

We appreciate your recommendation, Lorraine! We're happy to here that you finally have peace of mind knowing your pup is secure.

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