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About Us

About Us

Impact Dog Crates, established in 2012 in Northern Idaho, is a mission-driven company focused on manufacturing and selling high-quality aluminum dog crates and accessories.

Founder Michael Bailey aimed to create durable crates that prioritize the safety and security of pets while providing peace of mind to owners. With years of product innovation and a dedicated team, Impact Dog Crates has become a trusted brand for crates suitable for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments.

Our crates are modeled after military-grade aluminum cases, instilling confidence in pet owners by offering the same level of protection used for safeguarding missiles and satellite equipment.

As a family-owned company, Impact Dog Crates oversees all production and distribution processes at their headquarters, working closely with small business suppliers to ensure quality and performance.

“Impact is committed to consistently working to provide the highest quality aluminum dog crates and accessories most trusted by dog owners to protect their beloved pets.”

- Hunter Bailey, CEO


Giving Back

Impact Dog Crates is a proud supporter of animal welfare organizations nationwide, donating over 10,000 heavy-duty dog crates and accessories since 2012. With the aim to ensure the happiness and well-being of every dog, Impact Dog Crates has partnered with hundreds of shelters, rescues, search and rescue organizations, and police K-9 units through philanthropic initiatives to support and provide resources for the pups that need it most. 

With a commitment to giving back to communities nationwide, Impact has provided and will continue to provide essential products to dogs in need.

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