Impact Dog Crate Wheel Cart
aluminum wheel cart for impact dog crates with locking wheel option product image showing removable wheel cart attached to roof of gray collapsible dog crate
wheel cart for impact dog crates side view

Impact Dog Crate Wheel Cart

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  • 30" length (tall) (stationary)
  • 34" length (stationary & collapsible)
  • 40" length (stationary & collapsible)
  • 40" length (wide + tall) (stationary & collapsible)
  • 42" length (stationary)
  • 48" length (stationary)
  • 48" length (collapsible)
  • 48" length (great dane + tall) (stationary)
  • 54" length (great dane) (collapsible)

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The Wheel Cart is engineered specifically for every dog crate size we offer. When in use, there are 4 quick latches that connect it to the crate for stability. When not in use, you can attach it to the top of your crate for easy storing. Crate Not Included.



Customer Reviews

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Debbie Leek
Wheels are a MUST have!

The wheel cart is is MUST in my opinion, especially if you have a larger size (40” tall & wide is ours), but even if I had a small I’d get this. I like moving a scooting the dog crates and beds around to clean or even if I want them sleeping in another room. But the GREAT thing about this is the CLEARANCE is now high enough that our robot vacuum will clean under it! The areas around the beds always get really dirty and I’ve personally found it much easier to keep everything clean if I have RAISED beds (& now raised CRATE!). We also have tile floors but it would be same with wood floors where dirt and debris tend to slip and slide until it finds an edge (like a dog bed or crate on the ground). Then if you have to move it you end up getting tiny bits of sand along edges and bottoms that can otherwise scratch wood and just sound terrible on tile whenever a normal crate is slid over to a slightly different position). I’m not sure if for the smaller crates the wheels would lift it high enough for a robot vacuum for sure, but at least you could easily move it with the wheels! To me, this is much more important than the “airline travel” factor, which we will probably never do but cleaning happens multiple times a week so this makes my housekeeping life a lot easier with this feature.

Thank you for the great review and we are glad you love our wheel cart!

Carleen Faybusovich
Great way to move your kennel around

We have the largest kennel which can be used for flying. The quick pull release pins on the wheeled cart really help when transporting. Most airlines will flip this to the top of the kennel during flight so don't put your documentation on the crate itself. Put it on the bottom of the wheel cart. It is also ideal for when your crate is too tall to fit in your vehicle. The lockable wheels are awesome too.

Carleen, thank you for your review. That's a great flying tip, thanks for sharing!

Juan Rivera
Just WOW!

I am SO in love with our new impact crate. And the wheels?!? Like butta’!

Kevin Mason
Great Product

Great product! Easy to put together and to use. Very sturdy product

We appreciate your review, Kevin!

Jason Yoon

Impact Dog Crate Wheel Cart