Stationary Dog Crates Small/Medium

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Impact Dog Crates - Stationary Dog Crate 


Look no further, the perfect fit for your littlest family member is here. Our Stationary Impact Crate is currently available in sizes 100, 200, 250, and 300 so you can choose the perfect size for your pup to stay comfortably. This crate style features an auto-locking slam latch and marine-grade hardware to provide the best possible protection quality. We use American-made high-quality aluminum in all of our crate products. This material provides durable protection while remaining lightweight. In fact, this crate is 20% lighter than crates of similar sizes. Our aluminum cools much faster than plastic while also reflecting heat. Our Stationary Dog Crate is the perfect choice for transporting your dog in hot weather. Along with heat protection, our crates offer durability and strength that is unmatched, allowing you to trust that your animal is safe, secure, and comfortable at all times.

The Stationary Dog Crate in Small/Medium is protected by our lifetime warranty, and is available through flexible financing starting at just $34/month and 0% APR! All of our crates are made with care individually in Rathdrum, Idaho. The durable and resilient Stationary Dog Crate is shipped fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about putting it together. This crate is available through financing, apple pay, PayPal, credit, and debit cards.

This crate comes in a variety of colors, including the classics, tan and gray. You can also venture out with hues like purple, teal, red, white, or lime green. You can also add an additional back door for easy access to your pet. With customization available in size and color, you can build a crate that is perfectly unique to you and your pet.

Our small sizes are perfect for toy breeds, while the medium sizes will accommodate cocker spaniel sized pups. Be sure to use our sizing tool to choose the perfect size for your pet.

NOTE: For larger crates, measure door entryways before you purchase to ensure your new Impact Dog Crate will fit through doors. 

NOTE: Ventilation rows vary depending on crate size. 

NOTE: Color may vary when crate has been received.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Dog Box, paint is an issue.

I received my new dog box a week or so ago. Functionally, the box is superb. The construction is very good and I am very pleased with it. There is one issue though and that is with the durability of the paint. I opted for a blue painted box. In the week that my Brittany Spaniel puppy has used the box she has rubbed off some of the paint on the door.

It's not a big deal, but when a customer spends around $750 (paint and shipping included in that amount) I would expect a durable paint. Again the box construction and the way it functions is superb and I would buy another box if necessary for another dog. In other words, the paint wearing off would not preclude me from buying the box again.

Impact Crate - great experience!

Excellent experience purchasing my crate. Delivered quickly, everything was perfect. Love the quality and craftsmanship of this crate.

Pet crate

It worked very well mounting to my rear motorcycle rack. Now my buddy gets to go with me

Love Impact Crates

These are my seventh and eighth crates that I have purchased from Impact Crates. I ordered a grooming arm to go with my latest crates and was having an issue with it not fitting in the holes. They have gone above and beyond in getting this issue rectified. I always recommend them to my dog show friends and get lots of complements on my beautiful teal colored crates.

Excellent Crate

This crate is just what we needed for our fur child. He has high anxiety when we leave the home and can't take him with us. He was constantly trying to escape, many times successful. With this crate, we have peace of mind knowing we won't have a vet bill or that he's escaped and roaming the neighborhood. He's tried to chew himself through this crate and I am happy to report he is not getting out of this crate. Crazy expensive for this crate although the vet bills were crazy too! Worth the investment!!!