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Impact Dog Crates - Stationary Dog Crate 


Finding a quality home crate for your dog can be a surprisingly a tough part of owning one. Some dogs are escape artists, others destruction experts, and the rest just seem uncomfortable. Thankfully, we’ve got some of the best crates around at Impact Dog Crates. Our crates are made from American-made, high quality aluminum finished with a powdered coat. Aluminum lasts so much longer than the normal plastic stuff you see from other crate manufacturers it’s not even funny. For every reason, too. It survives the elements for longer than plastic, and also survives any and all of your dog’s efforts to escape or damage the crate.

Surviving your dog’s destruction efforts isn’t all we're concerned with, either. Aluminum actually keeps your dog cooler than plastic when you take into account our state of the art ventilation system. All of the spacing around the crate allows air to flow through the crate and keep your pup nice and comfortable. Metal actually reflects heat instead of absorbing it, meaning that long drive you’ve been planning doesn’t have to be a hotbox for your pup.

Last and most certainly not least, we’re extremely invested in your dog’s safety. Impact places pet safety #1 among all of our priorities and it shows. Your crate can survive just about anything, and we have varied testimonials about crated dogs surviving drops or car accidents. At the end of the day, when you order the best, you get the best.

Impact Large/Giant dog crates have the perfect amount of space for your St Bernard, Great Pyrenees, or Newfoundland. It can be tough to find crates for these big fuzzy friends without purchasing some kind of plastic mansion that will never fit in your car. Just be sure to use our size calculator to make sure you’ve got enough space for your pooch, and then measure your doorway so you buy a crate that will fit!

NOTE: For larger crates, measure door entryways before you purchase to ensure your new Impact Dog Crate will fit through doors. 

NOTE: Ventilation rows vary depending on crate size. 

NOTE: Color may vary when crate has been received.

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Crate # 10

As always a great product and Justin is great to work with.

Awesome customer support

Thank you for getting my crate to me in a timely fashion even when you had delays out of your control. Very happy with our crate and customer service was a 10!


The weight for this size crate is amazing! My Pit enjoys the crate aswell. We went through 2 wire crates before this purchase. Not going to say he doesn't bounce around in this one. But when I come home he is laying down in it. Very sturdy crate!

Good product slow delivery

When ordered I explained that I would need the Crate for a trip to Egypt on 9 Auguste and we needed a few days to add labels an get Charlie acclimated to it. My emails indicated that it would ship on or before 23 July. It seems that you shipped it but to Seattle. where it didn't ship east until 30 July. After the shipment I tried to set up an appointment and was told that the first available time was the afternoon of 8 August. Outside of the window to make the flight. We then talked about options and I as able to pick it up in Peabody Ma on 6 August. I made it clear that we needed it earlier than the 6th (and was told that you would look at different shipping methods (UPS was mentioned by the person on the phone) as it was confirmed on the day it was ordered that it was in inventory. Although we made the flight a lack of updates on its progress and made the whole ordeal way to stressful and required my intervention.

Best crate ever!

I have 5 Shetland Sherpdogs and 2 Australian Shepherds and all were kept in plastic crates for travel and shows. However over the last 20 years the quality of those crates has diminished such that my male Aussie figured out just how much force he would need to hit the door to get it to open. With what I had spent on replacement doors and new plastic crates I am so sorry I never made the investment earlier because this Impact crate is the business! What a great product! No more breakouts! The latch is the easiest thing and I know he is safe! I look forward to adding more of these crates for the rest of my guys! This product is worth every penny!