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high anxiety impact dog crate full product view
High Anxiety Crate

Start at $ 899.00

  • Escape proof
  • Twice the thickness of Aluminum
  • Shipped Fully Assembled

Available in 7 sizes

collapsible gray impact dog crate fully assembled
Collapsible Dog Crate

Start at $ 699.00

  • Airline travel
  • Durable lightweight aluminum
  • Perfect blend of comfort and safety

Available in 7 sizes & 9 colours

gray stationary impact dog crate full product view
Stationary Dog Crate

Start at $ 449.00

  • Stackable like sizes
  • Ensures security and durability
  • Shipped Fully Assembled

Available in 9 sizes & 9 colours

FREE Vinyl Pad with each
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Up to $200 Value

The Bark at the Park

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Love Impact

Should have bought sooner!!!
The quality of this crate exceeded our expectations. There’s nothing worse than totaling how much we have spent on junk crates over the years and never having peace of mind. Our Malinois loves his crate and we love being comfortable leaving the home with him in it. Plus it looks super cool in person.

Staci Klaus

High Anxiety Crate

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Great Compact Size

As soon as this showed up I knew it would be immediately better than any of the wire crates I've ever purchased. Although it's definitely pricey I now have complete confidence that my dog will not break out of this crate and I will most likely never have to buy a new dog crate ever again.

Josh Minch

Collapsible Dog Crate

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Good Accessories

My dog loves her Impact Dog crate however we really wanted a collapsible one and with this second crate I’m extremely happy with our purchase! It makes it a lot easier for when we go camping and limited space on our road trips.

Roxanne Ramirez

Collapsible Dog Crate

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Technical Specifications

  • Space-grade aluminum
  • Rivets are rated 500lbs of shear force
  • Steel hinges
  • Powder coated
  • Rust proof
  • Each crate is hand assembled and inspected for pure greatness
  • Entire crate is welded to be a single piece
  • Reinforced Door frame to increase strength and durability

Shop Our Accessories

polyester- coated vinyl crate pad in gray for impact dog crates
Vinyl Pad


From $ 100.00

high anxiety door guard attachments gray
High Anxiety Door Guard


From $ 100.00

door guard attachment for stationary or collapsible impact dog crate product view
Impact Door Guard


From $ 75.00

Save $ 50.00
Berber Crate Pad - Stationary and Collapsible -
Berber Crate Pad - Stationary and Collapsible


From $ 50.00

Impact Dog Crate Wheel Cart
Impact Dog Crate Wheel Cart


From $ 250.00

iata brackets and wing nuts 8 wing nuts and 8 brackets
Impact Collapsible Bracket (IATA)


From $ 75.00

Impact dog crates crate fan with cord and plug
Impact Crate Fan


From $ 130.00

Grooming Pad -
Grooming Pad


From $ 100.00

gift card for impact dog crates
Gift Card


From $ 100.00

collapsible grooming arm and rail assembled with grooming mat on top of collapsible impact dog crate
Grooming Arm/Rail and Pad For Collapsible Crates


From $ 400.00

grooming arm, rail and grooming mat attachment on gray stationary impact dog crate
Grooming Arm/Rail and Pad For Stationary Crates


From $ 300.00

Aluminum Dog Bowl Stand -
Aluminum Dog Bowl Stand


From $ 100.00

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Why Choose Impact Dog Crates?

We’re defining the future of dog crates. We refuse to believe that one size and one style fits all. Every dog we meet is unique and your pup is too. Inspired by the explorers, the working K9’s, the show dogs and our own pups at home; every American-made Impact Dog Crate is engineered for versatility and built to withstand a lifetime of daily use. The perfect crate for your one-of-a-kind dog is finally here. 

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