6 Ways To Spoil Your Dog on National Spoil Your Dog Day

6 ways to spoil your dog on national spoil your dog day

Do you know what holiday is on August 10th? It's only YOUR DOG'S FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR!! National Spoil Your Dog Day is this Saturday and it's the Treat Yo Self Day for doggos, so you better be pupared to go all out. 

If you need some last minute inspiration to make this holiday extra special for your fur friend, we've come up with a few ideas to spoil your pup! 



Make A Tasty Treat!


You can whip up simple 2 ingredient Pupsicles, bake some homemade dog treatos, or dehydrate your own chicken jerky. If you're one of those creative dog moms, you can go all out and decorate a cute pupcake. We saved our favorite dog friendly treat recipes here!


Take Your Pups To Their Favorite Place



Spa Day? Take your puppo to the groomer for some pampering. If your dogs would rather get dirty, hike your favorite trail and let them take extra time to smell all of the new scents along the way. Love training? Enjoy a solid day of training at your local IPO or agility club.

Check out this list of favorite dog-friendly hikes! 

Throw A Dog Pawrty


Did you make "too many" treats? 👌perfect. Is it even a pawrty without doggos? Invite your friends and fur friends to celebrate Spoil Your Dog Day with you. 


Let your dog pick out a new toy


Stop by your local pet store and take your dogs on a shopping spree! Let them pick out a new toy (or five 🤷) to take home and destroy. 

Dinner Date


You don't have to impress Gordon Ramsey with your home cooked meal, because your dog will eat it regardless. Whichever balanced diet you feed your pup, there are tons of healthy and tasty options to make their dinner even tastier. Add some of their favorite ingredients, such as bone broth, cooked sweet potato, or their favorite raw food to the bowl. 

Dog Massage

dog massage 

Humans aren't the only ones who love a relaxing massage after a long day. 

Here's how to spoil your doggo with a massage:



Have the best day ever! Show us how you celebrate with your pups by tagging #impactpups or sharing your photos on our Facebook posts. 

Happy Spoil Your Dog Day!

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