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cheers to dog beers!

Cheers to Dog Beers!

"In dog beers, I've had 1." - Grandpaw Toto 

From local craft breweries to some of America's most popular beer manufacturers, more businesses are starting to offer dog-friendly "beers" for our fur-friends. Your pup can finally crack open a cold one with you after a long day of working Squirrel Security.

dogs protesting for beer back in the prohibition days

Rare photo of GrandPaw Toto alongside the Muttropolitan Council protesting against the Prohibition in 1931.

Don't worry, all of these dog beers and wines are 100% alcohol-free. These six pet-obsessed breweries and wineries (listed below) don't consider their beverages as just another dog treat. Each faux ale and wine recipe is made to prolong your pup's healthy joints and fuel their body with nutrients for another rad day of adventures and naps. These cool cans of savory broths can be served over your dog's meal to soften food and maintain healthy digestion, or you can pour it directly into a stein or bowl- however your dog prefers to pawrty. Another win: your pup doesn't need to be 21 dog-years-old to try it- they're not even checking collars!


Busch - Dog Brew

busch dog beer cans with golden retriever

Photo Source: @_thegoldenlifeofcharlie / @buschbeer

Crack open a cold one with your party animal. You can tell that the brewers over at Busch did their research, creating a healthy and flavorful broth specifically for dogs. Busch's Dog Brew contains natural pork bone broth "brewed" with nutritious veggies, herbs and flavorful spices. 

Busch Dog Brew is available online here!


Good Boy Dog Beer

good boy dog beer cans and variety packs

Photo Source: Good Boy Dog Beer

Good Boy Dog Beer is made by a local dog-loving brewery in Texas. Their colorful cans and all-natural brew is available in four flavors: Session Squirrel (veggie flavor), IPA lot in the Yard (pork flavor), Crotch Sniffin’ Ale (peanut flavor), and Mailman Malt Licker (chicken flavor).

Snag a pack or two for your goodest pup here!


Apollo Peak - Dog Wine

dog modeling the zinfantail dog wine

Photo Source: Pet Wine Shop

"You're not drinking alone if your dog is home" is a solid motto for drinking a glass of wine (or 3) after a long work day while your pup pretends to watch Netflix with you. Fortunately, Apollo Peak Dog Wine is changing the routine by becoming one of the first pet-friendly wineries in the US. Their punny wine variety includes Chardogenay, Zinfantail, Malbark and Doge Rose. Don't worry, this is an alcohol-free and grape-free faux wine made specifically for pups. Each of these boujie beverages are made with natural ingredients including 100% Alaskan Salmon Oil, filtered water infused with dog-safe herbs and a splash of beet juice for color.

See all of Apollo Peak's Dog and Cat Wines here! This new product begins shipments on May 1st, 2021.


10 Barrel Brewing Company - Good Sit Pup Ale

10barrel good sit pup ale

Photo Source: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. 

10 Barrel Brewing Company is an outdoorsy, thrill-seeking bunch who also loves their doggos. In April, the Oregon-based brewery announced their latest liquid creation, Good Sit Pup Ale. This dog-friendly beverage is only available at their breweries at this time. Bonus points: 100% of the net proceeds from their Pup Ales goes to local rescues. 

Learn more about this Good Sit Pup Ale here!


Happy Dog Beer Co. - Dog Ales

dog beer made in bozeman montana

Photo Source: Happy Dog Beer Co.

Happy Dog Beer Co. offers two handcrafted dog-friendly "ales." Their Irresistible Pooch Ale IPA is made from free-range chicken broth and the Dubble Dog Dare Ya is made from grass-fed beef broth. The artistic beer labels feature their own dog, which gives it that cool "craft beer vibe."

Check out these handcrafted brewskis from Montana here!


Bowser Beer for Dogs

bowser beer for dogs 6 pack


Photo Source: Bowser Beer

The Original Bowser Beer for dogs is one of the first dog-friendly bevies to exist on the market. Bowser Beer is made in the USA with real beef, chicken, or pork, and has no added salt, fat or hops. If you have a special dog occasion coming up, like a gender reveal or your dog's 21st birthday, you can be extra and order custom labels!

See all of Bowser Beer's flavors and label options here.

-Cheers to you and your fur friends!