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dogs vs baths

Dogs vs. Baths

We’d like to provide you with some much needed entertainment and lighthearted content during this tough time. Fortunately, dogs have this amazing ability to cheer us up. They’re also adorable… and very weird. (I can back those facts by showing you 900 videos of my dog, but I’ll save those for another time.) 

Let’s turn our attention to our fur friends who would prefer a "mud mask" over suds any day. 

We asked our followers to show us how their dogs feel about bath time. This quickly became Dogs vs. Baths as the majority of pups were not ecstatic about this experience. Thank you to our awesome followers who always have the most entertaining photos of their pups. 

husky shower cap

"scrub a dub dub. husky in the tub!" -Ashley B. 


chihuahuas hate baths

"The Three Amigos are not a fan of baths" -Mary S.


golden retriever bath time

"Golden Retriever Best Actress" -Alejandra G.  

husky taking a bath

dog doesn't like bath

"If looks could kill." -Kelsey Terryah C. 

dog wants in bathtub

"Is it my turn yet?" -Monica A. B.


dog blow dry

Post-bath mood.  "Doesn't mind a bath.. isn't thrilled about the drier though." -Sara H. 


dog spa


husky at spa


retriever loves bath


chihuahua upset

hound in bath

"Boots loves bathtime! He'll sit in the tub by himself just waiting!" -Cesilie M. 

upset chihuahua

"you can bathe me, but you'll never break me..." -Darla M. 

 corgi bath


dalmatian bath


doberman bath

"I think his ears say it all 😂" -Tiffany M. 


puppy eyes bath time


Oh, and here are some muddy doggos in desperate need of a bath.

 muddy dog


muddy australian shepherd


Thank you so much for sharing! 

Photo Credit (descending): Ashley B. / Mary S. / Alejandra G. / Katie W. / Kelsey Terryah C. / Monica A. B. / Sara H. / Kara J. / Matt V. / Julie S. / Darla M. / Cesilie M. / Darla M. / Nancy Cunningham J. / Nicole M. / Tiffany M. / Kristina W. / Kit Searle C. / Audra S.