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15 Types of Dog Naps

Stay-at-home-Dogs have it super ruff sometimes. Everyday, dogs have to eat all of the treats, watch out for the mail, yell at the squirrels, watch you eat your food, test the durability of their toys, make occasional appearances in your Zoom meetings, exercise, and somehow squeeze in 14 hours of sleep between this incredibly tight schedule. This is why our dogs require so many naps.

Fortunately, the canine species is very skilled at sleeping anytime, anywhere. To become a master of napping, dogs must learn the various types of Dog Naps. Some of these are incredibly dangerous stunts- like sneaking power naps on forbidden couches. Other Dog Naps require selective hearing, tight spaces or uncomfortable pillows that look exactly like real dogs.  

Here are 15 (of the many) types of Dog Naps that were captured on camera. Thank you for noticing your dog sleeping like a goof ball and taking a picture of it.

Side Note: You may also notice that many of the dogs pictured are shocked that their humans had the AUDACITY to take a photo of them sleeping.


1. The "Weighted Blanket" Nap.  - Submitted by Melissa B.

fluffy white dog laying on top of sleeping dog with tail over face


2. The "Fine, but I'm only going out for one drink" Nap - Katie L.

cattle dog puppy sleeping with face next to food dish


3. The Cat Nap. - Tiffany R.

husky puppy and cat cuddling on dog bed


4. ▶︎▼◀︎▲ The "Gamer" Power Nap.Mindy N.

husky sleeping on dance pad game


5.  The "Don't steal my toy while I'm sleeping. I'm serious" Snooze -Megan H.

dog resting on top of stuffed animal


6. The "I'm too stubborn to move from this spot" Nap  -Jen W.

dogs napping on eachother


7. The "this is surprisingly comfortable" Snooze  - Carolyn G.

dog sleeping in tight space between bathtub and wall

8.  The "whatever. I give up." Nap  -Jessica C.

weimaraner dogs sleeping in couch cushions with one dog's head on top of other dog's head


9.  The "Hide & Seek Champion" Nap  -Wendy C.

dog sleeping under bed


10.  The "Post-Workout" Nap  - Will B.

lab dog sleeping on treadmill


11.  The "I'm just resting my eyes until someone opens the fridge for snacks" Nap - @jaimec0817

puppy sleeping in black impact dog crate


12. & 13. "Sploot" and "Donut" Naps captured in one rare photo.  - Jaimie M.

husky sploot and hound dog donut nap


14.  The Notorious "I was here first" / "Couch Hog" Nap - Dustin S.

german shepherd dog sleeping on couch with head on pillow


15. ..and finally, the very popular "is my dog broken?" Nap - Melanie Y.

dog derp sleeping with legs up


Which type of nap is your dog taking right now? 

Thanks for submitting these entertaining photos of your fur-friends!

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