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dogs with cool jobs carter the vet demo dog

Dogs With Cool Jobs - Carter

Dogs With Cool Jobs #04: Carter

"This handsome young man is Carter, and he is the demo dog for the vet class at our high school! He is a very calm, and easygoing boy, who excels in the busy school environment. Students learn how to properly restrain, check vitals, and even learn how to do emergency splints on him! He is also a popular 'guest speaker' during finals, and enjoys visiting staff when he is at school! He even ran for prom king last year, and enjoyed getting his senior portrait done this year. Carter is also a member of the PupPal program, AKC Canine Ambassador program, and was my juniors dog until I aged out in December. He is enjoying his semi retired show dog life, and loves to visit when ever he gets the chance!" - Anna V.

Meet Carter:

carter at work  

Nickname: special k!

Age: 2.5

Breed: golden retriever

Hometown: Houston

Favorite off-work activity: dock diving or cuddling!

Weirdest thing my dog does: Carter likes to cuddle the cat! You can often find them snuggled together on the bed or sofa.

carter golden retriever

How did you and Carter meet?

I met Carter at a dog show, I was hoping to get a show puppy from a breeder, and we clicked! He’s been my best buddy since!

show dog

How did you/the school come up with the idea of having a demo dog for vet class?

The idea came up when a student said that it would be a lot easier to understand different parts of a dog if they could actually see and touch a real dog! Carter has been an extremely valuable tool, especially when teaching students about anatomy.

Is he the first dog to be involved with the school?

Yes! I’m actually a student in the vet class, and after a student mentioned they wanted to learn on a dog, my teacher said he doesn’t know any dogs capable of being the demo dog. I suggested that my dog Carter could come in, and he’s been a star student since.

What was the training process like for teaching Carter to do medical demos?

Carter has always been a sweet, calm boy! Due to his socialization and training as a show dog, he had no problem making his first visit at 10 months!


I think offering a Vet class in high school is amazing! What do students get to learn in this class?

This class if considered an endorsement, other endorsements at my school include welding, band, stem, engineering, and more! In this endorsement, which spans over 4-5 years, students learn about a variety of veterinary fields, including livestock animal care, equine science, small animal management, and vet med applications. Out of these students 2-5 are selected to work at a vet clinic as practicum, and they will graduate with their CVA 1! Students in this class learn about anatomy and structure, taking vitals, restraining an animal, basic grooming like trimming nails, and we have even had lessons on how to spot a BYB.

carter getting cozy

How has Carter influenced the students in this class and in the school?

Carter has influenced multiple students to choose a responsible breeder or rescue. He has also helped ease the stipulation that show dogs don’t get to be pets, and has educated students that their dog doesn’t have to be purebred to compete in AKC events! By far, his most important contribution is helping students recognize when their pets need medical care.

golden retriever

What’s the funniest moment you have experienced with Carter while at school?

In our classroom we have all sorts of bones and skulls around the room, one day Carter invited himself to take one off the teachers desk… the legs was returned 100% ok, just with a bit of slobber...

dog with mannequin

What does he get to do as a “guest speaker?”

It really depends on the class and the day! Sometimes Carter comes in during finals to help lift the class’s spirits, other times he helps teach new things, or students take test with him.

What is the most inspiring or surprising thing that has come out of your experience with Carter?

The most inspiring thing that has come out of taking Carter is his willingness to accept everyone. Our school has a diverse group of students, teachers, and other staff. For some kids, Carter is their first positive experience with a dog. Every visit with Carter, we have multiple students say, this made their day, or that they really needed to see him today. It doesn’t matter the student, Carter is always happy to say hi!

dog smiling

Thank you, Anna Vosko, for sharing Carter's special story!