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dogs with cool jobs remington

Dogs With Cool Jobs: K9 Remington

Dogs With Cool Jobs #03: K9 Remington

"Remington was a Human Remains Detection dog and fire station mascot. He retired may of 2019 due to cancer he is a member of Project K9 Heroes, he had to have his leg amputated in order to save his life. He now does everything possible to help raise money for other retired k9s." -Rachael C.



Nickname: Remi, Remi Boy, Chewbacca, hairy boy

Age: 8, 9 in March

Breed: Lab Mix

Hometown: Montgomery, Texas

Favorite activity: Swimming

Weirdest thing my dog does: Screams at cows, he has a weird obsession with cows 🐄

 firehouse dog

When did you and Remington meet?

I first met Remington April 4, 2011

How did K9 Remington get into Human Remains Detection?

I became a firefighter in 2002. I had a passion for firefighting and a love of dogs, I did not know that there was such thing as a search dogs until after September 11 attacks. Watching the K9s search the piles in documentaries, I felt that I wanted to do that. I got information on a local K9 Search and Rescue team called Special K9s, who specializes only in Humans Remains Detection K9s, a couple weeks later Remington fell into my life.

human remains detection k9


Although I can imagine that it’s a tough job for people and dogs, what is the best/most interesting part of the job?

The Best part of the job is helping families with answers. Unfortunately when HRD K9s are utilized it’s the worse case scenario. When you get a hug from a family that has lost their loved ones just thank you for being there, that’s the best part of the job.

sar dog

hrd k9

What type of situations are HRD K9s used for? 

There is a variety of situations HRD K9s are used for, the main goal is to find and locate Human Decomposition, rather it be an entire body or evidence recovery. They can locate HR odor that is buried, burned, under water, or in a man made or natural disaster.

How long did he do that job for?

Remington was a certified HRD from September 2012- November 2019

fire house pup


I’ve always wondered how a dog becomes a fire station mascot. I’d love to learn more about that and what a fire station mascot gets to do!

In the Fire Service fire station Mascots go back to when the had Horse Drawn engines. The fire dogs would run along and protect the horses. In modern times Station Dogs can be a stray that the guys adopt, to being a train Comfort dog or a live find or HR dog. Remington became a mascot for the New Caney Fire Department where I was previously a firefighter at, he was always at work with me and we began using him at Public Relation events. We quickly learned that it was easier to reach people when you have a dog, kids that are shy would talk to the firefighters. Adults that typically wouldn’t approach would ask questions after interacting with people. Remington would occasionally get to run calls as well, he loved riding on the truck. When I got hired with the Navasota FD, they had already heard stories of my big fluffy dog and asked If I could bring him to work and to PRs to help interact with the public.


dog volunteering

What was the transition like when Remington had to have his leg amputated?

Not only did he have his leg amputated but he had spinal Surgery and half his pelvis removed. He adapted very fast to being a tripod. He was supposed to be in a sling/harness for 6 weeks. By the end of the 1st week he has walking on his own. 2 weeks he was running and playing again.

recovering from surgery

Describe Project K9 Hero and how fundraising can benefit retired K9s.

Project K9 Hero is a non Profit 501c3. After Police, Military, Arson or Search and Rescue Dogs retire it is left to the handlers to pay for medical care, a lot of them have to retire due to medical illness or injuries which can put a HUGE financial strain on their Handlers. K9 Remington’s medical bills are to date over 11,000. The Week before I discovered PK9H on the back of Sport Dog Food, I was making arrangements to euthanize him. I could not afford his care or watch him suffer in pain. After he was accepted in the program they have paid every medical bill 100% immediately after care. He also receives free food for life from Sport Dog Food. Fundraising benefits Retired K9s by providing them Life saving care, pain Management and Final Honors to K9s that have served their entire lives.

dog in fire truck

What is Remington’s favorite part of his new career?

He loves ALL the love and attention he gets from everyone he meets!!

project k9 heroes

 Special thanks to Rachael Crivelli for taking the time to tell us about Remington's story! He's an incredible pup ❤️ 


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