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Testimonial: How an Impact Dog Crate Protected Dogs in A Snowstorm Car Accident

Testimonial: How an Impact Dog Crate Protected Dogs in A Snowstorm Car Accident

Vehicle safety is likely not a new concept to any of us. From your first time ever getting into a vehicle, there has probably always been at least one adult reiterating the importance of car safety. For us humans, this means buckling up, not distracting the driver, and being an attentive and cautious driver when you’re behind the wheel. Doing so minimizes the risk of being involved in any vehicle-related accidents and ensures your safety in the event of there being one. That being said, taking the proper safety precautions while in a moving vehicle is really a no-brainer. 

However, a lesser discussed concept is pet safety on the road. Think about it, if vehicle safety is crucial to keep us humans safe on the road, shouldn’t this also be critical for our pets that may be accompanying us? When choosing to embark on an on-the-road adventure with your dog, it is of paramount importance that their safety be considered as well. Fortunately, doing so is much easier than you might think, as there are plenty of resources available to make prioritizing your pup’s safety easier than ever- whether you are at home or on the go. 

There are many instances when dog owners may want to bring their beloved pups with them for a drive. Perhaps you’re taking a roadtrip to visit relatives or you’re doing a family hike. Just as you buckle up for your own safety, it is crucial that you provide your dog with a safe and secure environment to keep them safe during the journey. The most effective way to do this is by investing in a safety-first, travel-friendly dog crate. Not only is a heavy-duty crate a great tool for keeping your pup safe at home (while providing them with the perfect nap spot), but it is the best way to ensure your pup is safe whenever they are in a moving vehicle. Just as seatbelts and airbags within a car are designed to protect you in the unfortunate event of a crash, a secure dog crate is designed to do the same for your pup. When dogs are left to roam throughout a car, they are receiving no protection at all. While, yes, most of the time your pup will be fine, sometimes life can be unpredictable. A car accident can happen in just a split second, many times resulting in serious injuries for dogs that are left unrestrained in the vehicle. 

Choosing to secure your pup inside of a durable crate when they’re in the car is one of the smartest, most effective ways for dog owners to prioritize their pup’s safety. As every dog owner knows, our four-legged friends are everything to us, and so ensuring their health and wellbeing will always be of top priority. While there are many things that may be out of your control when you’re on the road, it’s always better to be prepared for anything. By keeping your dog in a heavy-duty dog crate in the car, you’re providing them with the maximum protection in the unfortunate event of there being an accident. 

As a pet brand, our mission is to create products that prioritize pet safety. Thus, we love hearing the incredible stories our customers have shared with us about how our products have made a positive impact in their lives and the lives of their dogs. The following testimonial was shared by one of our loyal customers, Ashley. She was unfortunately involved in a very serious car accident when she was driving in the snow with her pups. Keep reading to hear the amazing story of how our secure crates protected her beloved pups when they needed it the most. 

Testimonial: Surviving a Snowstorm: How an Impact Dog Crate Protected My Dogs in a Terrifying Car Accident

"Living in a region prone to harsh winter weather, I've always been diligent about preparing for snowy road conditions. However, no amount of preparation could have fully equipped me for the intense snowstorm that unexpectedly turned into a nightmare scenario during a routine drive to work with my three beloved dogs. In the midst of the chaos, one thing proved to be a lifesaver: our impact dog crate.
As the snow began to fall heavily, visibility decreased rapidly, and the roads quickly became treacherous. Despite exercising caution and driving at a reduced speed, disaster struck when I lost control on the slick road and collided with a building. The impact was forceful, sending our car to a sudden stop and leaving us vulnerable to further collisions.
In those terrifying moments, my immediate concern was for the safety of my dogs. Were they hurt? Were they thrown around the car amidst the chaos? These thoughts raced through my mind as I struggled to regain control. But then, amidst the chaos, a sense of relief washed over me as I glanced back and saw my dogs safely nestled within their impact dog crate.

The crate had served as sturdy fortresses, protecting my dogs from the violent forces of the collision. Despite the chaos unfolding around them, they remained secure and unharmed, shielded from harm by the strength and durability of their crates. In that moment, I realized the true value of investing in quality safety equipment for our furry companions.

While the car may have been destroyed and the storm raged on outside, inside that crate, my dogs were safe and sound. Their well-being had been prioritized, and it was a decision that ultimately saved their lives. As I navigated the aftermath of the accident and waited for assistance to arrive, I couldn't help but feel immense gratitude for the protection afforded by the impact dog crate.
To all pet owners out there, especially those living in regions prone to inclement weather, I cannot stress enough the importance of investing in quality safety equipment for your fur babies.
"Yes, Impact Dog Crates may come with a price tag, but the peace of mind and the safety they provide are absolutely worth it."
"As we reflect on this harrowing experience, let us not wait for a close call to prioritize our pets' safety. Let us take proactive steps to ensure they are protected in every situation, whether it's a sunny day or a snowstorm. Because when it comes to the well-being of our beloved fur babies, nothing is more important than keeping them safe, secure, and out of harm's way."



Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your experience with us! The entire Impact Dog Crates team is so relieved to know that you and your dogs are all okay. Thank you for choosing Impact Dog Crates to protect your pups!