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Testimonial: Switching from Wire Crates to Impact Dog Crates

Testimonial: Switching from Wire Crates to Impact Dog Crates

When adding a dog to your family, there are certain must-have products to help your pup adjust to their new home. As many dog owners know, one of the most important products you can invest in for your dog is a secure dog crate. Not only are crates a powerful house-training tool, but crates can be utilized to ensure dogs remain relaxed and calm in their new environment.

However, not all dog crates are equal when it comes to quality and safety. Flimsy wire or plastic crates lack structural integrity, and thus are especially susceptible to not withstanding more than a few uses. Moreover, dogs with anxious or destructive tendencies are much more likely to injure themselves escaping from poor quality crates. This is why selecting a high quality, heavy duty crate for your four-legged friend is so important. Afterall, the safety of your pup should always be top priority. 

Unfortunately, many dog owners have had negative experiences after purchasing wire crates for their pups. Not only can wire crates be easily destroyed, but dogs are at serious risk of injuring themselves in the process. Thus, many dog owners have made the decision to upgrade their wire dog crates and invest in the much stronger alternative: Impact Dog Crates. Constructed from heavy duty aluminum, Impact Dog Crates offer unparalleled protection for your canine companions. 

One of our customers, QC, runs an Instagram account dedicated to sharing adorable memories with her Belgian Malinois, Skylar. Having previously owned wire crates, QC is sharing why she decided to make the switch to Impact Dog Crates. Check out her full testimonial below. 

Testimonial: Switching from wire crates to Impact Dog Crates

"Since welcoming our Belgian Malinois Skylar into our home, we had initially postponed the idea of getting an Impact crate, content with the wire one we already had. However, as Skylar grew and became more energetic, we started to worry about her safety in the wire crate, particularly when we would leave the house. Concerns grew after a friend's visit, during which Skylar, excited to greet them, accidentally scratched herself against the wire, resulting in her first injury in seven months - a tiny piece of skin around her eye corner was scratched off. This incident prompted us to reevaluate, and we decided it was time for the switch to the Impact crate."

"Beyond its reputation for durability and indestructibility, the crate seamlessly integrates into our home environment. Making the transition from the wire crate to the Impact crate took just a day, and Skylar not only loves her new safe haven but also voluntarily retreats to it after playtime. The upgrade has not only alleviated our concerns for Skylar's safety but has also become a welcomed addition to our home. I am thoroughly pleased with the Impact crate and have enthusiastically recommended it to our followers on Instagram."

Thank you QC for sharing your story! The entire Impact Dog Crates team is so happy to know that our crates are keeping Skylar safe and secure. Follow QC and Skylar on Instagram here