Testimonials: Dogs' Lives Changed by Impact Dog Crates

Testimonials: Dogs' Lives Changed by Impact Dog Crates

As dog owners, experts, and veterinary professionals around the world agree; a dog crate can be a very powerful training tool for pups. That being said, at Impact Dog Crates, we love hearing stories of how our heavy-duty crates have made a difference in the lives of many dog owners and their beloved pups. 

We design all of our products with your dog’s safety in mind, and we are so happy to continuously see dog owners across the country trust our American-made crates to keep their four-legged friends safe and secure. Continue scrolling to read some of our customers’ testimonials about how an Impact Dog Crate benefited their pups. 

How the Impact High Anxiety Dog Crate Helped Manage Cash’s Anxiety

"While it took almost a month to be delivered from placing my order, it's been well worth the wait. I work from home and have since we got our Malinois Fall of 2021. I don't leave the house much or for too long, so needless to say, a deep attachment developed. I didn't crate train him early enough on, mainly because "I was home all of the time", and didn't think it would be an issue… Well, it was. Wire crates would be bent, doors pried open a bit, and he managed to flip the catch for the tray and kick that out so he could chew on it. We crated him for 2 hours one time and came home to a disaster zone around the crate. We tried to just let him be out and free in the house, with our other dog, but he'd get destructive…. He's destroyed 7 couch pillows, and got into a box of my wife's brand new boots and destroyed those too.

Needless to say, we were running out of ideas. I was stuck at home,not by choice, because we couldn't leave him alone for longer than 20 minutes. To say we ordered this crate out of desperation would be an understatement. It got here a little over a week ago, and we've been slowly introducing him to the crate. I closed him in for the first time today and left the room. Not a peep. No barking, whining, and he didn't tear up the bed I put in there for him. He ended up hanging out in there for another 15 minutes after the door was opened. I was incredibly skeptical of paying SO MUCH for a crate, but the peace of mind and freedom this is going to give our family makes it worth every penny.

Finally, we have peace of mind knowing Cash is safe and secure when we're not home. He's still getting used to being crated, but has adapted well.  We've made sure to put some of his favorite toys in there which has helped the transition.” - CJ, owner of Cash.

How The Impact Collapsible Dog Crate Made Traveling Easy for Tigger

"My name is Roberta (Robin) Thomas. In 2019 I was gifted a black and tan coonhound (Tigger) from Brevard County Sheriff office (FL) as a USAF veteran with “issues” and funny enough Tigger had kind of the same “issues” too. We are a good team.  I am a government contractor and shortly after getting Tigger I was offered a job in Germany. I had been to Germany before and as long as Tigger could go I would go. 

I bought the “largest” dog crate Amazon had. Honestly, he looked crowded in it then. Flying from Orlando to Frankfurt. The rental car company gave me a smaller car than I reserved. I had to take the crate apart in the garage with limited tools and ultimately over ran my paid ticket. (Just high drama for both Tigger and myself). I stored that crate..and on our return trip 20 months later.. at the check in counter Tigger/the crate was refused flight on that plane. Stating his crate was too small for him. More drama ( much costs) ensued. I went and purchased the biggest crate the pet store had..and it was also deemed too small. In defense of Lufthansa; they totally came through with a large crate they allowed us to use to get Tigger back to the US And they did not charge me extra and even had a rep meet us and returned the crate back to Frankfurt at no cost to us. (I did pay flight cost and I also gave them the two unused crate for people like me.) But the stress/drama.. was such a high cost..fast forward.. I was offered another job in Germany. 

This time my boy is older/heavier and very weary of crates. I found Impact Crate. I ordered the largest/collapsable crate. OMG! What a difference. This boy traveled comfortably.. without stress. He was the star of the flight both because of his breed and his special crate. My niece flew with him; In Frankfurt we rolled him out to the car; into elevators (which was a huge problem in the previous trip) put him in the car..collapsed the crate shoved it in the back and was on our way in minutes. Fabulous. I had joked his crate cost more than my 1st three cars.. (showing my age) but worth every penny. Tigger was never stressed; he was comfortable and the crate will be perfect for his return trip. 

I know its a long story.. but mostly if anyone was concerned about costs.. worth the ease of use.. the stress level in my sweet boy.. and of course my stress level. I highly recommend this crate. And a huge shout out to having the wheels able to be attached to the top! Absolutely brilliant!! No issues what so ever getting Tigger onto it that plane! Tigger is 95lbs and a “giraffe” dog. In the attached photo.  He looks not only looks small in his crate but no sense of stress at all. Thank you Again!!! Impact Crates will always be my dog crate company!" - Roberta, owner of Tigger. 



Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your continued support of Impact Dog Crates!