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the best apps for dog parents

The Best Apps for Dog Parents


It's 2019 and the number of apps specifically designed for pets is overwhelming. Technology has really stepped up since Nintendog. Now you can feed REAL food to your REAL dog in REAL LIFE from your phone. Cat to human translator? Exists. Need to photoshop pugs onto your fitness blog? Easy. Looking for a future dog dad or dog mom? The love connection is just a click and clever bio away. You're welcome. 😉

You may be in denial that it's time to explore some new apps other than social media. Your dog's Instagram is blowing up. Bandana ambassador? Yes. Potential IG influencer? Obviously. 90% of your snapchats are closeups of your dog sleeping (we approve 👌). Plus, your doggo looks really cute with the flower crown filter.

dog with snapchat filter

( A successful attempt at using a Snapchat filter on my doggo. He's not impressed, but I am. )


We've handpicked our favorite interactive apps for you and your doggo to test out! If you want to be the "cool" dog mom or dog dad of your friends, then you need at least one or 10 of these apps on your phone.

im a cool mom



Here are 10 must-have apps for exploring new trails, keeping your pup healthy, and discovering the coolest dog-friendly spots in town.

For Adventures:


alltrails app features

Why do you keep allowing Apple maps to disappoint you? It's not going to take you somewhere cool. If you haven't already used AllTrails, it's time to test it out for yourself. This "trail finder" app is especially useful when you and your dog are visiting an unfamiliar town and want to check out somewhere other than a paved path suggested by Google. It's also surprising to see the trails in your hometown that you never knew existed.

With the user-submitted reviews, photos, and routes, you can know what to expect before you even arrive at the trailhead. One downside to this app is the driving directions for finding the trailhead aren't always reliable. AllTrails is worth downloading. Do it for your dog.


Alltrails for iOS

Alltrails for Android



gaia app

If you and your dog are hardcore adventurers who love to get off the grid, then this is a must-have tool to bring along with you. GAIA is a very precise, interactive GPS app that is comparable to topographic paper maps. When your phone has no service for the majority of your excursion, meandering off-course or camping overnight can get sketchy. This app can truly be a life saver! 

Download specific sections of a map to interact with even when you have no service, and track routes throughout your trip. You can also select layers of the map to be as simple or as detailed as you want. It's worth upgrading to the monthly subscription to get the most out of this app. 


Gaia GPS for iOS

Gaia GPS for Android



hipcamp app

If AirBnb became a Boy Scout, this is exactly what it would look like. HipCamp is a user-friendly platform for planning and booking unique camping experiences. You may have seen your favorite IG dog influencers posting about their HipCamp experiences, but it's actually just as cool as they make it seem. No longer do you have to suffer from FOMO. The best part: you'll discover far more dog-friendly places to stay than other travel booking apps.

Hipcamp for iOS

Hipcamp for Android


For Connecting:


bring fido app

Big city pups will benefit the most from BringFido. It can be a struggle to find a dog-friendly hangout spots. This app is especially handy when visiting a new town and you want to have a casual lunch date with your dog. You can discover dog groomers, pet-friendly hotels, and upcoming events with this user-friendly platform.

Check out our followers' favorite dog friendly spots here.


BringFido for iOS

BringFido for Android



rover app

Your job needs you to fill in for Jerry to fly to Ohio for a stapler convention, and you can't bring your doggo because your coworker, Karen, is allergic to dogs- and anything cute for that matter. 🙄 Anyways, now you need a last minute dogsitter and your friends aren't available. Fortunately, Rover exists and its dog-loving sitters can save the day. The downside is that this app can't save you from a work trip with Karen.


Rover for iOS

Rover for Android


For Health:


fitbark app

Are you about that FitBit life? Do you enjoy tracking personal records and routes on your morning jog? Perfect. Even if you're just slightly curious to see your dog's activity, then you'll probably have fun using this app. You'll need to buy the FitBark device for your dog's collar, but the app is straightforward once it's setup.

FitBark App for iOS

FitBark App for Android


For Safety:

RV Pet Safety Monitor

rv pet safety monitor app

Off to a dog sporting event? Your SUV, truck, trailers, RV or any "dog hauler" vehicle setup should have a temperature control when used for containing your dog. This is especially recommended when you're away from your vehicle for any period of time. It's equally important to have a temperature monitor for your vehicle to be aware of your pet's safety at all times. The RV Pet Safety Monitor is a life saving tool to have installed in your dog hauler and downloaded on your phone. It's always better to be prepared than experience an emergency situation.


temperature controlled vehicle setup for dog crate

( PC: @willowcreekleathers in size 450 Side Door/Front Door Stationary Impact crate )

RV Pet Safety App for iOS

RV Pet Safety App for Android


Pet First Aid from American Red Cross

pet first aid app

You can definitely learn a thing or two from sifting through the Pet First Aid app. Actually you can learn a lot! This app teaches first aid steps for responding to over 25 pet emergency situations. It also shows how-to videos and guides for various everyday emergencies including preventative care. You never know when you might need a tool like this available at a moment's notice. Worth the 99 cents!

Pet First Aid App for iOS

Pet First Aid App for Android


For Education: 


puppr app

Train your dog with an iPhone? Sounds interesting. There are mixed reviews for this, as everyone has their own views on training methods. However, learning a few new tricks is a fun challenge for you and your pup to stimulate the mind and enjoy one-on-one time. 

Puppr App for iOS

Puppr App for Android


For Home:


furbo app

Have you seen Furbo in real life? It's mind blowing. If your mind is blown, just imagine how bamboozled your dog is every time a ghost shoots a treat across the room. Not every dog cares to interact with this device, but the camera is equally effective as a dog monitor, especially in the event of an emergency.

As your dog begins to understand how the "treat machine" works and recognize your voice, the app can be entertaining for the both of you. One of the most impressive features of Furbo is the wide angle HD video quality. Worth checking out!

Furbo App for iOS

Furbo App for Android


Hopefully these apps earn your dog's pupproval. If not, at least they'll be reeling in likes on Instagram. Give us some love on IG and follow @Impactdogcrates. Happy adventuring!


the best apps for dog parents