High Anxiety Crate

$ 839.99

Say hello to our new and improved High Anxiety Crate. Our famous protection for your pup with special needs is now even better. We have upgraded this nearly bombproof crate with even thicker aircraft grade aluminum. Our aluminum is American-made, strong, and durable while maintaining a very light weight. We added smaller air holes and placed the bars closer together to prevent chewing. This crate is welded and riveted to ensure strength and durability, allowing your pet to have the best protection possible. We also offer stackable blocks for like-sized crates, along with 4 butterfly latches and a paddle latch to provide even tighter security.

The High Anxiety Crate features Marine-grade hardware to provide the best safety quality available for your pet. Our aluminum body cools faster than plastic as well as reflects heat, which makes it perfect for keeping your dog cool in the hot summer months. All of these features allow you to trust that your animal is safe, secure, and comfortable at all times.This crate is made-to-order here in the USA in Rathdrum, Idaho, with flexible financing available for as little as 0% APR and $70/month, so you can get your pet into a safe crate as soon as possible. The High Anxiety crate is available through financing, Paypal, apple pay, credit, and debit cards. It is available in size 300, 400, 450, 500, 600, and 700, for small/medium sized dogs all the way up to extra large pups.

We are proud to offer a 2-year dog damage warranty on our High Anxiety Crate. We offer no questions asked free replacement during this time period, so this means that if your pup damages a part on the crate and it does not function correctly or is not safe, we will replace those parts for free. This crate is shipped assembled, so be sure to measure your doors to make sure your crate will fit.

The Impact High Anxiety Crate is ideal for dogs with separation anxiety, storm phobia, and/or tendencies toward destruction or escapism. Your dog’s safety and comfort is our number one priority. Our customer service team can answer any questions you may have about this crate or others. We truly believe that this crate is the smart choice for your special needs pups!

NOTES: For larger crates, measure door entryways before you purchase to ensure your new High Anxiety Crate will fit through doors.

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Best quality materials and construction.

Hasn’t broke out yet

My newly adopted Chocolate Lab broke out of everything I put him in. He has tried breaking out of the impact dog crate, but to no avail. Good product. Expensive, but you can’t put a price on having a little peace of mind when you want to go out to dinner for an hour or 2.

So far so good...

For some context, I own a 40lb female pit bull who make look unassuming but try keeping her somewhere that she doesn't want to be kept and you will witness sheer determination and brute strength. She has destroyed thousands of dollars worth of doors, kennels, cages/crates, and countless other fences and gates including a metal security door in her quest to get where she wants to be. Up until this point there was literally no way for me to contain her, especially on the 4th of July which is are most exciting day of the year and my main reason for making this purchase. I was planning on waiting for my dog to at least attempt to break out of this thing before writing a review. but after a few weeks now still not even an attempt, I'm beginning to think not only does she not mind being in there, i am pretty positive she actually prefers it. It has become her "safe spot" when she gets nervous or hears a loud bang she runs straight for her crate. I will update review if possible after the 4th of July but I seriously doubt that a) she will even attempt to break out of it and b) that she even could break out of this thing if she wanted to. I went with the 450 size I believe it was, whichever their size calculator recommended, and it is plenty big enough for her. My crate was shipped out within a few days, I'm guessing because I went with the standard gray color that they already had some in stock and that is why I didn't have to wait the 10-14 days it said it could take. I really could not be any more pleased with my purchase. I am so happy that I am considering purchasing a second smaller one to use for travel. Don't hesitate to do business with Impact! Their customer service is phenomenal and their product is even better!

High Anxiety Crate helps Teller County Regional Animal Shelter guest Chief, fulfill his destiny.

Chief is a 3 yr old Great Pyrenees with severe separation anxiety. He came into our care at Teller County Regional Animal shelter after he jumped off a 2 story deck to get to his people, suffering compound fractures to both front legs as a result. Each week, Chief visits local school students, faculty and the Woodland Park Police Department. Shelter staff recognized his gift to comfort those who may need relief from stress or anxiety, even while he learns to manage his own anxiety. Chief has been temperament tested for Service Dog training and is currently going through Psychiatric Service Dog training and we hope that he is able to fulfill his destiny by offering comfort to a community member in need. Thank you Impact Crates for offering an option that will keep our special shelter guest safe!!

Holds our anxious rescue girl safe

We rescued a great dog from the shelter a couple of years ago. She at first destroyed a wire crate and we had her in a PetMate crate for over a year and she did fine. All of a sudden about a month ago she started escaping from it by pulling the door in. We reinforced the door and one say she completely destroyed it. We started researching crates and had ordered one from Impact, but hadn't gone for the high anxiety crate. When I emailed after placing the order to see how quick we could get it the guy emailed back asking more questions about our dog and suggested (without being pushy at all) we upgrade to the high anxiety crate. Looking at how this is built, I am glad we did. It was an investment, but knowing she can't hurt herself trying to get out makes me feel better. Great customer service!!