Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
collapsible gray impact crate closeup of airline side rail
Collapsible Dog Crate
closeup ofc ollapsible impact crate front butterfly latches
closeup of impact dog crate corner with impact logo
closeup spring loaded handle for collapsible impact crate on top
closeup spring loaded handle for collapsible impact crate
closeup of door latch inside impact dog crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate
Collapsible Dog Crate

Collapsible Dog Crate

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Regular price$999.00


34" Length: 34.5"L x 23"W x 28.97"H
40" Length: 40.5"L x 23"W x 29.1"H
40" Length (Wide & Tall): 40.5"L x 27.5"W x 33.87"H
48" Length: 48"L x 26.8"W x 33.13"H
54" Length (Great Dane): 54.6"L x 35.6"W x 42.03"H

Additional Sizing Info

Stop wasting time and space on old-school dog crates that potentially take away valuable storage in your home. It's time to invest in the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate! It's sleek, folding design is like nothing yo. . . Read More

Lifetime Guarantee
Flexible Financing
Ships Assembled
Free Exchanges
Made In the USA
Free Shipping

Our American-made collapsible dog crates are expertly crafted and carefully packaged in our Hayden, Idaho facility.

Your order will leave the warehouse within 4-7 days via FedEx or UPS for fast delivery - estimated arrival is 7-10 business days after shipment!

Set Up In 60 Seconds

Set up is nearly instantaneous in less than one minute, no tools required, and when you're done, it collapses for easy stowage! It's truly never been easier.

One-Handed Operation

Often dog crates can be difficult to open and close. With the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate you are able to use one hand to easily open and close your Impact Dog Crate.

Stackable Like Sizes

Their design allows you to stack similar sizes on top of each other to make the most of whatever space you’re working with. Talk about an innovative way to help save room.

Military Grade Handles

These military grade handles allow for not only easy portability but also for a strength that can take on the toughest of scenarios.

Ventilated For
Optimal Airflow

With its rounded diamond shaped air holes, it provides plenty of ventilation for your pup, making it comfortable and safe to use.

Easy Carrying Handle

The carrying handle is placed in a strategic position so that it can be comfortably held by the user while traveling, making it ideal for trips, car rides or even anything you can think of.


Do you cover dog damage?
The High Anxiety crate is our only crate covered by the 10-year Dog Damage Warranty. We do not cover dog damage on the Stationary or Collapsible crate models.
My dog damaged the Stationary or Collapsible crate. What do I do?
Please contact us, we will do our best to find a solution for you.
Are the airline rails required with a Collapsible Crate?
Does the Collapsible Crate have a warranty?
The Collapsible crate comes with our Lifetime Guarantee to ensure your crate is free of defects in materials or workmanship, for life. The Collapsible crate does not come with a dog damage warranty.
Can you fly with the Collapsible crate?
The Collapsible crate can become airline compatible with the Door Guard attachment and IATA brackets, which can be found on our Accessories page. We recommend calling the airline you plan to fly with ahead of time, as each airline has specific requirements for flying with pet cargo.
Can my dog destroy or escape the Collapsible Crate?
The Collapsible crate is not designed for dogs who escape or show signs of anxiety. Although this crate is much stronger than traditional wire and plastic crates, the hinges and folding design of this crate is not ideal for anxious dogs. We have specifically designed the High Anxiety dog crate for destructive and escape-artist dogs.
Does the Collapsible Crate come with smaller ventilation holes?
We are unable to add the High Anxiety ventilation holes to the Collapsible crate.
Does the Collapsible Crate rattle?
The Collapsible crate consists of eight hinges to allow the crate to fold easily. With this hinged design, the crate can rattle in some spots. We recommend using our Stationary model in a vehicle.

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