Insulated Dog Condo

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Impact Crate Insulated Dog Condo

Protect your pet through all seasons with our Impact Insulated Dog Condo. This aluminum dog home is perfect for keeping your pet comfortable while providing privacy and protection from the weather. The condo is built of sturdy American-made aluminum. This aluminum body is covered with a Desert Tan powder coat inside and out that adds durability and strength to the entire condo. The powder coat is specially designed to reflect light and heat during the hot summer months while also absorbing warmth in the winter, keeping your pup at the perfect temperature during all seasons. This aluminum, while incredibly strong, is also very lightweight in comparison to other metals and plastics.

This dog condo features 1-inch thick insulation to absorb warmth when it is needed. The insulation is insect resistant and mold resistant with an R rating of 3, making it perfect for the outdoors. The Insulated Dog Condo sits 3 inches off the ground, allowing it to better retain warmth and expel heat, depending on the weather conditions. Dogs of all shapes and sizes will love the two-way swinging hinge door. This door design adds ease of accessibility from inside and outside the condo. Its piano hinged lid allows you to reach in whenever needed. The welded rivet construction makes this doghouse very durable to withstand whatever the great outdoors throws at it.

We are proud to offer our lifetime warranty on our Insulated Dog Condo, along with flexible financing starting at 0% APR. Our products are all American-made and assembled in Rathdrum, Idaho. We use Marine-grade hardware to ensure that your pet is given the best protection possible. This doghouse is uniquely chew-resistant and durable throughout all climates.

The Insulated Dog Condo will be a great fit for any dog that spends significant time outdoors. It can be used in moderate and extreme temperature zones. No matter the weather, you can be sure that your pup is protected from the elements.

Special Features:

  • All aluminum four season dog box
  • Two way swinging hinged doors
  • Piano hinged lid for easy internal access
  • Sits 3" off the ground to provide better insulation qualities
  • Welded rivet construction
  • The 1" high quality insulation is mold and insect resistant and has an R rating of 3
  • Durable powder coat inside and outside
  • Choice of Color -- Desert Tan
  • Desert Tan powder coat is designed to reflect heat in the summer and absorb warmth in the winter
  • American made
  • Lifetime warranty

Size and Shipping

Door Dimensions: 12" W 16" H

Internal Dimensions: 30.5" W, 21" H, 23.5" D

External Dimensions: 34" W, 28" H, 36" D

Ship weight 110 lbs(must ship on a pallet)

Actual weight 55 lbs

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Insulated Dog Condo

Gotta have more

I live in a moderate climate that doesn’t get too cold. But, when it does I load my houses full of straw (blanket eaters) and as soon as I put the dogs out in the morning they run into their houses right into the nest they have made themselves. Nothing is cuter than seeing a happy AmStaff curled up in their house looking at you out the door.

In the summer they love to sit on top of their houses and watch for squirrels.

Yep, I could build a village with these dog houses. Love them. The best part about them is they are not edible!