10 Reasons the High Anxiety crate is the best on the market

10 Reasons the High Anxiety crate is the best on the market

  1. Welded and riveted aircraft aluminum
  2. Heavier gauge aluminum than our standard dog crates
  3. Smaller air holes are designed to help prevent most dogs from damaging their teeth if they try and escape
  4. 1-600 lb heavy duty door latch along with a area for a carabineer along with 4 sliding latches on the front door
  5. All latches are safety shielded inside the crate
  6. Front door bars are spaced ¾ of a inch apart
  7. Shipped assembled
  8. 2 well placed military grade handles to pick up the dog crate
  9. Made in America
  10. 2 year no questions asked free replacement warranty


  • Jason Shadrick
Aluminum crates vs plastic dog crates

Aluminum crates vs plastic dog crates

  1. Aluminum is more durable than plastic and has more strength.  Aluminum is very strong and resistant to impacts. Impacts on a aluminum dog crate is absorbed within the distortion  and not transferred to the content. With plastic dog crates, when an impact occurs the case will often flex or deform and transfer the majority of the impact energy directly to the contents. The plastic dog crate will crack and possibly allow your pet to escape on Impact.
  2. Aluminum is hygienic and easy to clean and has no odor, plastic crates can collect unsavory odors over time.  This can make it more difficult to keep a plastic crate clean and hygienic.
  3. Aluminum dissipates heat much quicker than plastic.
  4. Aluminum is completely recyclable, unlike cases made of plastic
  5. Aluminum is impervious to the degrading effects of UV Rays.  Most plastic dog crates unless mixed with special UV blocking materials will discolor and brittle with age.
  • Ramsey Pruchnic
10 reasons why we make the best crates in the world!

10 reasons why we make the best crates in the world!


  1. Engineered by dog lovers for dog lovers
  2. Marine grade slam latch and hardware provides optimal security for your pet
  3. Composite corners offer impact protection and the ability to safely stack multiple crates
  4. Aircraft quality aluminum that is welded and riveted together
  5. 20% Lighter than comparable crates
  6. Dual easy carry handles on most sizes
  7. Larger airflow vents than other completive brands
  8. Multiple color options
  9. Dedicated sales reps to  answer all of your questions
  10. Proudly Made in America
Heater Craft - Where it all started

Heater Craft - Where it all started

Heater Craft was born in 1989 out of our founders garage. With a dream of extending his water ski season on beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene, he saw what heating products were offered at the time and said, “I can make this better.” 25 years later Heater Craft is the world leader in marine heating systems providing our American Made products to manufactures, dealers and consumers all over the world. From commercial fishing boats to ski and wake boats Heater Craft also provides state of the art showers and wash down systems for any application. Throughout the years Heater Craft has optimized heating solutions for the RV, Off-Road, UTV and jeep markets.

In 2002 the company took on a new venture, Impact Case & Container (ICC). ICC started as beautifully hand crafted aluminum gun cases. Over the years ICC has developed into providing the world’s best, high end dog crates for airline travel, K9 training and high anxiety dog housing. ICC also provides amazingly engineered custom cases for a wide variety of clients including NFL and college football programs, military and private sectors.

Cyclone Drying Systems is the latest brand to come into the Heater Craft family. Cyclone provides a wide array of gear drying systems for second homes, ski resorts, sports teams, oil rigs, constructions companies and refrigeration warehouses. There is really no wrong application for a Cyclone Dryer.

Through all of our brands and all of our years in business the one thing that has always stood out is our drive to make our customers happy. Have an issue? Let us know! We will do everything in our power to fix it and make you happy.

  • Jason Shadrick - What we're all about - What we're all about

We are a family owned company located in Rathdrum, Idaho. Mr. Michael Bailey originally started our company, Heater Craft in his garage when he realized there was a need for a better designed heater for his boat.  Over the years Heater Craft grew into a dynamic company that specializes in many different products.  In 1999 Mr. Bailey acquired Impact Case and Container our engineers took some of their original products and redesigned them.  Impact Case is a dynamic company known for our quality. long lasting aluminum products that are safe, strong and secure. Over the years our Impact dog crate line has grown due to popularity among dog lovers, we realize that your pet is a loving member of your family and we take great pride in knowing that you trust our products to safely transport them.