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the story of Impact Dog Crates- worker powdercoating dog crate in facility

Impact Dog Crates: Our Founder's Story

Impact Dog Crates, started in 2012 by Michael Bailey, is the top manufacturer and seller of heavy-duty, aluminum dog crates. With over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, and after the success of his two companies; Heater Craft and Impact Case & Container, Michael Bailey set out to create the highest quality dog crate that can withstand a lifetime of daily use. 

Heater Craft was born in Michael Bailey’s garage in 1989. With a dream of extending his water ski season on beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene, he saw what heating products were offered at the time and said, “I can make this better.” 25 years later, Heater Craft is the world leader in marine heating systems, providing American-made products to manufacturers, dealers, and consumers all over the world. 

employee welding dog crate doors in impact dog crates idaho facility

In 2002, Michael Bailey took on a new venture, Impact Case & Container (ICC). ICC manufactures and sells the highest quality aluminum containers designed to hold military equipment, firearms, and satellite equipment. The engineering and technology behind the handcrafted cases are trusted by a variety of clients, including NFL and college football programs, military, and private sectors.

Recognizing the lack of safe and secure dog crates in the pet industry, our team set out to use the same space-grade aluminum and smart technology behind the containers to create a heavy-duty dog crate most trusted by customers for their pups protection. Thus, in 2012, Impact Dog Crates was created. 

employee powder coating impact dog crate in booth at hayden idaho facility


At Impact Dog Crates, headquartered in North Idaho, we are proud to be a family-owned, American-made business. Through years of product development and innovation, Impact Dog Crates has become the top manufacturer and seller of the world’s best, heavy-duty aluminum dog crates for airline travel, K9 training, and high anxiety dog housing. Behind every handcrafted crate is a team of engineers dedicated to ensuring every pup is provided with the safety and security they deserve. 

We are proud to be an American-made company, and all materials that go into the construction of Impact Dog Crates are sourced from small businesses across the country. From powder coating to welding, every part of the manufacturing process is handled at our North Idaho facility. 

We are so pleased that dog owners, first responders, and animal shelters around the world trust Impact Dog Crates to safeguard their furry friends, and we remain steadfast in our mission to develop products that redefine the future of pet protection. 

We pride ourselves in being the first choice for heavy-duty aluminum containers and dog crates. Through all of our brands and all of our years in business the one thing that has always stood out is our drive to make our customers happy. Every product, from heating systems to dog crates, is thoughtfully designed to provide the best quality for our customers. With our aluminum dog crates, not only are we committed to satisfying our customers, but we are also committed to protecting and ensuring the safety of every dog. We strongly believe our customers deserve only the best, and their pups do too.


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