Impact Dog Crates: Our Brand Story

four impact dog crates stacked side by side with four dogs standing in crates

Impact Dog Crates, founded in 2012, is a family-owned business located in beautiful Hayden, Idaho. Impact CEO Michael Bailey was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and, before venturing into the pet industry, at the age of 23 started his first company, Heater Craft, in his garage when he realized there was a need for a better designed heater for his boat. Over the years, Heater Craft grew into a dynamic company that specializes in many different products in addition to marine heating systems, including showers and wash down systems for boats and off-road vehicles.

As his passion for product development and innovation grew, In 1999, Michael Bailey acquired Impact Case and Container, which manufactures heavy-duty aluminum containers for military and satellite equipment. 



Recognizing there was a lack of premium, safety-first crates to protect dogs, our talented team of engineers used the same smart technology behind the cases to design the first line of our aluminum dog crates. 

Formerly known as KennectPet, Impact Dog Crates originally began selling many of our crates to the United States military and police K-9 units, who remain large customers to this day. Soon thereafter, we changed our company name to Impact Dog Crates, and now we are the leading manufacturer and seller of American-made, all-aluminum dog crates.

Committed to providing a superior dog crate that protects every dog, we offer several models designed to support dogs of various breeds, sizes, temperaments, and lifestyles. At Impact Dog Crates, we use the most cutting-edge product design and technology to construct every crate, ensuring your dog receives maximum protection. 


impact ceo michael quote "as a team of dog owners and lovers..."

As Impact Dog Crates has grown since our early days, so has our team and facility. All Impact Dog Crates products are built in our 58,000 square foot headquarters in Hayden, Idaho, and shipped fully-assembled worldwide. From welding to powder coating, every part of the production, manufacturing, and distribution process is handled at our facility. In-house manufacturing in the U.S.A. allows us to control all of our business operations, where we can ensure every product is of the highest quality, streamline production, and provide great working conditions for all of our employees. 

We are extremely proud to be a family-owned and American-made company, and we remain devoted to supporting other American-made businesses, sourcing all of our materials from small businesses across the country. As a community of dog lovers, we know that your pet is a beloved member of your family, and we take great pride in knowing that dog owners around the world trust our products to safely house and transport their pups. We are proud to produce heavy-duty, long-lasting aluminum dog crates that give dog owners peace of mind knowing that their loyal companion is safe and secure.