"An Unfortunate Experience Put My Impact Dog Crate to the Ultimate Test"

an unfortunate car accident put my impact dog crate to the test

"Last weekend we had an unfortunate experience that put my Impact Dog Crate to the ultimate test. The pictures show what happens when a 7,000 lb truck and 80,000 tractor trailer collide. I (@minermutt ) was asleep in my crate, secured in the back passenger side of the cab when the collision happened."

lime green collapsible impact dog crate in car crash


green collapsible impact dog crate involved in car crash

"As you can see, the truck is most likely beyond repair; however, while obviously distorted and damaged, my crate remains intact, and most importantly, it did its job!!! Had I not been confined in a high quality crate this would be a very different post! Thanks to a seatbelt and an Impact Dog Crate, biped and I were able to limp away and will hopefully make a full recovery. I hope this post will inspire others to rethink how they travel with their pets because this happens in a flash and a dog riding shotgun or hanging its head out the window doesn’t have a chance." - @minermutt

 lime green collapsible impact dog crate car crash

 boxer dog in lime green collapsible impact dog crate with berber pad


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collapsible impact dog crate lime green