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"He's an escape artist with ANY crate he's ever been put in."


rescue adopted dog hank separation anxiety

"Adopting Hank was easy. He’s loving, affectionate, a couch potato. Training him, was not as easy. He came with severe separation anxiety, destructive tendencies, and is an escape artist with ANY crate he’s ever been put in. He climbed a 10 foot fence at the shelter, escaped two of our “regular” crates, ate a door, a couch, and the trim on a different door. Getting an Impact Dog crate was the best decision we ever did. It’s an intense crate, I won’t lie. However, the peace of mind it brings us is unmatched. Hank rubbed his face raw trying to escape the other crates, and had previous injuries due to his escapism. With the High Anxiety Impact Crate, we never worry. We know he’s safe, we know he’s secure, and we know he’s okay.

This crate is a GAME CHANGER for people with dogs like Hank. There are times he still tries to escape, but his efforts are futile. I swear this crate could house a velociraptor. This crate allowed us to adopt a dog who most likely wouldn’t have gotten adopted. A family had him for 4 days before giving him back due to his escapism and destructiveness.

We don’t know Hank’s story. We don’t know why he is the way he is. But we do know that he is loved, he is spoiled, he is safe, and he is HOME.

Thank you, Impact Dog Crates"

- @hankypankypaquin


gif opening butterfly latches high anxiety dog crate

gif opening butterfly latches high anxiety dog crate

gif opening paddle latch door high anxiety dog crate


Does Hank remind you of your own dog? Does your fur friend show signs of severe anxiety or destructive behavior? We recommend the High Anxiety crate for anxious pups and escape artist doggos. 

Learn more about the High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate and the 10 year Dog Damage Warranty.


The High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate