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crash testimonials- dogs' lives saved by impact dog crates

Crash Testimonials - Dogs' Lives Saved by Impact Dog Crates

The year is 1968 and the first seat belt law is passed in the United States. This federal law requires manufacturers to fit seat belts into vehicles. 

Fast forward 52 years to now- Every state but New Hampshire enforces some sort of seatbelt law for adults. 

Although over 90% of front seat passengers in America wore their seatbelts last year, this life-saving habit is rarely practiced for our pet passengers. According to AAA/Kurgo Pet Passenger Safety Study, only 16% of people secure or restrain their dogs when driving.

Even after decades of seatbelt research, tests, statistics and laws proving that seatbelts save human lives, our pets' safety is still just an afterthought. 

Fortunately, the drivers of the following three car accidents make up some of the small percentage of dog owners who travel with their dogs in crates. 


Real dogs, real stories.

Here are the stories of three different accidents involving 11 different dogs and how their Impact Dog Crates ultimately saved the lives of every single one of these pups.


How Impact Dog Crates Saved This Dog in an Accident

One of our customers was in a very scary car crash with her precious pup, Opie. At the time of the accident, Opie was safely secured in his Impact Collapsible Dog Crate in the car, and because of that, he did not even sustain a scratch on him. Continue reading to learn more about how Impact Dog Crates protected Opie when he needed it the most. 


Read the full story here. 

all 9 dogs safe in rollover accident while traveling in impact dog crates


All nine dogs involved in a terrifying RV rollover crash were safe in Impact Dog Crates. "Luke and first responders worked tirelessly for two hours to get to the dogs, using the jaws of life to pry open the back garage door."

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an unfortunate experience put my impact dog crate to the test blog


One dog owner shares his experience involving a collision with a tractor trailer. "An unfortunate experience put my Impact Dog Crate to the ultimate test." Read the full story here.



if not for having your crate the vet said our dog would not have survived the crash blog testimonial

"My wife was driving and was T-boned at approximately 50-60 mph while she was crossing an intersection." 

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crash testimonials dogs lives saved by impact dog crates