Husky Causes Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Damage After Escaping His Wire Crate

husky causes damage after escaping wire crate

If there is one thing every dog owner learns after getting to know their dog, it is to never underestimate the intelligence of your fur friend. This smart husky, Loki, found a way to break out of his wire crate, causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage to his home and injuring his nose in the process. Fortunately, Loki's owner discovered a way to outsmart him and keep him safe from harm. 

Thank you to @caitdallas (via Instagram) for allowing us to share your story! 

"Since I’ve had Loki he has had severe separation anxiety. No matter what I did. I researched different techniques and training but no matter what the moment he was left alone he would freak out and try to escape his crate, swipe to see videos of the times he did escape.

He has destroyed $500 or more worth of shoes, gotten into food, clothes and destroyed the crate I had for him. He also had permanently scarred his nose and face from trying to escape. I was at my wits end on what to do and I didn’t want to start resenting my dog. So thanks to @misss_kristie_o Who helped me discover @impactdogcrates. I can happily say my mind is at ease that Loki is safe from harming himself and destroying anything further.” - @caitdallas 

husky chews through wire dog crate 

husky damages carpet


husky chewed shoes and clothes


husky escapes wire crate and damages house


husky in high anxiety impact dog crate

“LOKI in his new @impactdogcrates high anxiety crate." - @caitdallas via Instagram

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With a dog crate tough enough to keep this pup secure, Loki and his "dog mom" can safely work on improving his anxious behavior.

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husky causes damage after escaping wire crate