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Crates and Adult Dogs

Crates and Adult Dogs

Maska is an energetic 6 year old Siberian Husky, who uses his crate for traveling, and as a cozy den for at home. Whether your four-legged friend uses a crate for separation anxiety or for riding safely in the car, allowing your dog to become comfortable with his or her crate is incredibly important. 

Many people refuse to crate-train their dogs because they feel the confinement is cruel. However, a crate can give dogs a sense of security. Proper crate or kennel training is helpful for several, highly effective, management systems. This includes teaching a dog to calm down and relax, preventing destructive behavior caused by separation anxiety, and house training. Teaching your dog to love the crate using positive reinforcement allows the crate to become his or her own private and safe place.


Here’s how Maska’s family utilizes their Impact Dog Crate:

“After my pawrents used just a few mins to set up my new crate, we spent some value time together exploring. Now my own Impact Dog Crate has become a much-loved cozy den for me!

For an adult dog like Maska, the benefits of a crate are different. Maska regards his crate as a safe urefuge when our house gets too hectic and he wants to sleep in the crate at night. Since Maska is a very well behaved baby in the house, we keep both crate doors open. Now Maska has this crate to call his own - a place to take his toys or a bone and enjoy quiet time and stress-free relaxation.”
-IG: maska_the_husky

Size 700 Collapsible crate, with front and back door, shown here.