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Talk to a Crate Expert


Happy pup happy life right? 

Crate training is vital to many pet owners everywhere. Whether it be work, school, or a quick trip to the grocery store it is important to know that your pup will be safe, comfortable, and HAPPY! Here are our top tips and tricks for helping your pup love their crate! 

1. Take Time To Introduce The Crate 

This is vital for helping your pup adjust to their new environment. We suggest putting the crate in the main room of the house with the door open! Put a familiar bed, blanket, or even one of your worn T-shirts in the crate. This gives the pup a familiar scent in what may appear at first as a new and strange environment. Allow your pet to explore the crate at their own pace don't push the crate on them right away! If your dog naturally seems uninterested by the crate all together trying throwing their favorite treat in or around the crate! 

2. Meal Time

What does your pup love almost as much as you? Meal time. This is a great segue for helping get your pup use to their crate. If your pup is already comfortable going inside the crate place their food dish in the back of the crate. If your dog is nervous about entering the crate place the food dish in the front of the crate and slowly move it back more and more each day. Once you feel your dog is comfortable enough eating in their crate try quietly closing the door! In the beginning you want to open the door as soon as they are finished eating, and then slowly increase the time they stay in the crate after eating. ( Pro Tip: If they start to whine you are increasing the time too fast! ) 

3. Short Stays 

Slow and stead wins the race, and the same goes for crate training! Once your pup is comfortable enough in the crate you can start leaving them in the crate during the day while you are home. As soon as your pup is comfortable to stay in the crate alone for at least thirty minutes you can move on to longer stays! 

4. Long Stays 

Once your pup is comfortable with you out of sight you are ready to start leaving him in his crate while you are away from home! Start with short outings and increase the time you are away gradually. Remember as stated above a worn T-shirt is a great way to help your dog feel safe in their crate as your scent will comfort them! 

5. Over Night 

We highly recommend crating your pup overnight! This helps the dog to think of their crate as their safe place, being as dog's are den animal they like to have a space where they can go to feel safe and secure!


Most importantly patience is key when crate training remember to have patience with your pup as they get use to their crate. Don't force anything too quickly, and your pup will start to love their crate in no time!