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Talk to a Crate Expert


"Oh my gosh...Look over there... A new pup you have never met before... Wow they are so cute....Should I go and pet him? "

These thoughts run through most people's minds as soon as they see those adorable puppy eyes, they want to get to the dog as fast as possible and let them know just how much they adore them, but this can pose a risk to not only dog owners & their pups but to yourself. Here are some helpful tips from the American Kennel Club for greeting a new dog. 

- Always walk slowly and quietly to the dog's owner to ask if you can pet the dog 

- If the owner says "yes" curl your hand into a closed fist with the back of your hard facing upward. Extend your hand slowly to the dog 

- Allow the dog to sniff the back of your hand. We recognize people on sight; dogs recognize people by scent. Dog's sniff people to learn their scent. 

- After the dog has sniffed your hand and become familiar with you, pet it gently under the chin or on the chest. 

- Respect a dog's space. Do not stick your face into a dog's face or poke or prod at a dog with your hands this may make the dog feel afraid.  

Follow these tips and tricks to have the most success when meeting your next best fur friend!