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How cold is too cold for your pup?

How cold is too cold for your pup?

Temperatures still seem to keep dropping without a warm sun in sight! With these frigid temperatures comes an important question. How cold is too cold for your pup? This helpful chart comes from and is a great starting point for determining if it is too cold outside for your pup. 

Other helpful tips! ❤️

Bundle up your pup! Just like you would bundle up your self or your kids! Don't leave your pup unprotected from the cold temperatures! A warm fleece jacket or sweater can make a huge difference in keeping your pup warm and happy. 

Booties are your pup's best friend! With these cold temperatures, ice, and snow also bring deicer which can be toxic to your pup when their bare paws are exposed. The deicer and salt that is often left on sidewalks and driveways can also irritate paws and create chapped paws! Simple pet booties or paw balms can be lifesavers during these winter months! Click here for a DIY paw balm recipe! 

Don't risk it! There are many factors to consider when determining if the outside whether is too cold, such as coat type, coat color, weight, size, age, and health. Always side on the side of caution and use the chart above to help determine if it is too cold outside! If you are worried about your pup not getting enough exercise consider a durable pet chew toy or bone to help your pup let lose of some of their energy!