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Would You Buy a Pair of Shoes that are Two Sizes Too Big?

Would You Buy a Pair of Shoes that are Two Sizes Too Big?

The most important purchase you will make for your dog is his/her dog crate.


Would you buy a pair of shoes that are two sizes too big?

The most important purchase you will make for your dog is his/her dog crate. It is their den which turns into their safe spot. Customers regularly ask our staff which dog crate size we recommend for their pet. All too often, we work overtime to talk some customers out of getting a “condo" for their pet. Here is why it is important to correctly size your dog to his/her crate.  


Measure your dog before picking out your crate.

Measure the length of your dog from their nose to the base of their tail. Then, take the measurement of their height from the ground to the top of their head.

Our website has a very useful Sizing Tool to assist you in finding the suggested Impact Dog Crate size for meeting airline requirements. Watch this video below for even more sizing tips!

Choosing the correct dog crate size.

The ideal crate for your pet is one in which he/she can comfortably stand up, turn around, and lay down in. When choosing a crate specifically for air travel, we always recommend you visit the website of the airline you have chosen and read through their specific requirements. It’s worth noting that IATA requires a kennel that is tall enough that your pet's ears do NOT touch anything while in the crate.

The benefits of having a properly fitted crate.

Pets, like humans, can suffer from travel anxiety. Traveling for some dogs is just plain stressful. Dogs generally express their stress through panting, pacing, obsessively licking, and/or destructive manners. If you have chosen a dog crate that is too small, most airlines will not accept it, and most importantly your pet will not be comfortable. If you have chosen a crate two sizes too big, they may never truly feel relaxed. It is also important for your dog to be comfortable in his/her Impact Dog Crate long before a car ride or air travel. This will not only make your pet’s trip easier, it will certainly be a less stressful trip for you too.

Potty training is one thing every pet owner immediately spends time on. Most dogs do NOT like to eliminate in their safe or comfortable spot. However, if we allow them a crate that is several sizes too large we give them the opportunity to use it as a potty box and still have a clean area in the crate to be comfortable. I have found once this pattern has started it can become very difficult to stop.  

Having your loved one in the correct size crate can also reduce injury. The best visual example I can give you is a lottery ball. Imagine a lottery ball being bounced around. Unfortunately this could be your best friend in a accident inside his/her dog crate. Pets do not get seat belts inside their crates. So If your vehicle is impacted in an accident, and the energy transfers into your vehicle, it can severely injure your pet. However, if they are in the correct size dog crate we can limit the impact suffered to them.  


We're happy to help!

Struggling to choose the correct crate size for your best friend? We have an educated and friendly sales staff who is always quick to help! Feel free to talk with us through our website's live chat! You can also contact us here.