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journey from anxious rescue to loving therapy dog

Journey From Anxious Rescue to Therapy Dog


chief hiking


"Chief is a 3 year old Great Pyrenees with severe separation anxiety. He came into our care at Teller County Regional Animal shelter after he jumped off a 2 story deck to get to his people, suffering compound fractures to both front legs as a result.

dog broken legs xray


Each week, Chief visits local school students, faculty and the Woodland Park Police Department. Shelter staff recognized his gift to comfort those who may need relief from stress or anxiety, even while he learns to manage his own anxiety.

Chief has been temperament tested for Service Dog training and is currently going through Psychiatric Service Dog training and we hope that he is able to fulfill his destiny by offering comfort to a community member in need." -  Eric Rice of Teller County Regional Animal Shelter 


therapy dog chief relaxing with student

 chief visiting food truck 

"He LOVES kids, other dogs, and especially his people. He's not a typical Great Pyrenees who enjoys guarding livestock alone in a field...he's happiest with his people! Chief would make an amazing Therapy Dog, Police Dispatch resident pup, assisted living morale booster, shop or store greeter. He is truly a gentle giant and has so much love to give." TCRAS

great pyrenees in high anxiety impact dog crate size 700

The community came together to provide Chief with a big dog crate that will keep him safe at night. His friends were excited to check it out too!

“Chief fan club update: LOOKY WHAT I HAVE!! My #ImpactDogCrates arrived and it's a palatial palace! ♥️🐾 I really like that it fits Eric too, I wonder if I can talk him into staying with me at all times?!! My team tells me my crate fan should be arriving this week. Don't you think l will look even more handsome with the wind blowing my fur? 🐶-

guy and great pyrenees dog in impact dog crate

THANK YOU to all my friends that helped me obtain my High Anxiety Crate. I'm already feeling comfortable for short amounts of time and I'm working with Eric to gradually increase my exposure. I think Sawyer is also giving my new crate his paws of approval. Mutual Rescue Banfield Foundation.”

Thank you to Eric and the incredible staff over at TCRAS for sharing Chief's story! You can follow Chief’s journey at TCRAS. 

wolf dog hybrid relaxing in escape proof dog crate


Check out Chief's escape-proof crate specifically designed to keep anxious pups safe. We even offer a Great Pyrenees size too! The High Anxiety crate is our only crate that includes a 2-year, free replacement warranty. Available in 6 sizes.

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